Pixelmon Auction

The Pixelmon Auction system is a safe method of trading pixelmon for pokecoins. 

Name Level Shiny Nature Growth Gender Ability Price
Porygon Porygon 1 No Brave Small Genderless Trace 200pc
Porygon Porygon 1 No Calm Huge Genderless Trace 200pc
Donphan Donphan 47 No Lonely Ordinary Female Sturdy 151pc
Sceptile Sceptile 40 No Bold Small Male Overgrow 151pc
Meganium Meganium 29 No Jolly Small Male Overgrow 151pc
Eevee Eevee 1 No Lonely Huge Male RunAway 175pc
Eevee Eevee 1 No Hardy Ordinary Male RunAway 175pc
Eevee Eevee 1 No Naive Small Male Adaptability 225pc
Camerupt Camerupt 43 No Docile Huge Female SolidRock 1001pc
Quilava Quilava 16 No Quiet Small Male Blaze 1001pc
Stantler Stantler 20 No Bashful Huge Male Frisk 1001pc
Carvanha Carvanha 22 No Rash Huge Female RoughSkin 1001pc
Gyarados Gyarados 35 No Naughty Small Male Intimidate 1001pc
Pinsir Pinsir 37 No Sassy Enormous Female MoldBreaker 1001pc
Magikarp Magikarp 10 No Mild Ordinary Male SwiftSwim 101pc
Magikarp Magikarp 10 No Lonely Ordinary Male SwiftSwim 101pc
Electabuzz Electabuzz 25 No Relaxed Ordinary Male Static 201pc
Geodude Geodude 15 Yes Lax Small Female RockHead 212pc
Growlithe Growlithe 5 Yes Lax Ordinary Male Intimidate 96pc
Charizard Charizard 92 No Adamant Small Male SolarPower 251pc
Electivire Electivire 1 No Timid Giant Female MotorDrive 101pc
Swablu Swablu 7 No Relaxed Small Female NaturalCure 300pc
Pupitar Pupitar 30 No Quirky Small Female ShedSkin 300pc
Larvitar Larvitar 16 No Gentle Runt Female Guts 300pc
Sharpedo Sharpedo 30 No Relaxed Giant Female RoughSkin 501pc