New pixelmon server

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This week we will work on the launch of a new pixelmon server, both 1.8.9 and 1.10 BETA. It is time to move forward and thus the new server shall rise. The current pixelmon servers will not be touched and stay as is until we can decide to finally make a transfer to the new versions of pixelmon.

Detailed information on how these servers are going to work will come in a later stadium.


  • Initial base server has been setup
  • Added permissions
  • Added essential commands

YUS! Yaya! So excited!

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Does this mean we can transfer our old pokemon to these new servers?

Also Breloom Hype anyone?


Pokemon transfer and auction system will be available yes.

YAY! Can't Wait Until The New Pixelmon Server Is Up! 

Also Mightyena Hype!


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Will pixelmon points carry over or will it remain on kanto?

The points system will be transferred aswell.

And money?

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

Money will have an option later on to transfer to the new setup.

when will the server be launched

YAY i would like to play in the new server, one question the ATLauncher modpack will update when the new server released?

Sounds lit cant wait. And I think atlauncher already has the new update doesn't it?


It doesn't, 4.1.2 version is also on ATLauncher, but that version is outdated, there are more newer versions. :)

the newest version of pixelmon is 5.0 beta9 and i think the atlauncher is like 4.3.1

Cant. Wait. For. Ho-oh!

Can't wait for the new Dragonite Mo... oh wait... oh :( 

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What a crying shame.

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Only thing i'm worried about is claim blocks. Will we have to start over as far as claim blocks is concerned or will what we purchased reflect on the new server too?

I do believe purchased things will work the same where you only buy things on one server. E.G; buying the Pokeheal perm for Kanto won't work on Johto.

That guy who tries to be smart and fails most of the time


You have to choose a server to send Pokeheal to, but it will unlock on all the server once received. Claimblocks you buy are also send to all servers (except Safari). Only freebies, donator rewards (the poke coins are shared on all servers) and Pokémon (although can be switched between servers with /store and /claim) are send to one particular server. This is for the current servers though, I don't know if any of the perks that people bought/buy will be send over to the upcoming beta servers.

Sorry for another question, but I was just wondering what type of server it would be, compared to the current servers?

Nobody. No one. You are looking at a blank space.


Hoarder of Choray Try Hard Points!

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Oh my gosh the hype :) :) :) :)



Just do /warp jungletown or /warp junglemart ;) #nuke42andplanet

Are we finally going to implement double battles? Been eager for that.

So will we lose our claimed blocks?

What's going to be the spawnrate for this new server?

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What happens to our claims and builds on the old server? Will they be transfered? I've been working on a huge shop and i'd be sad if it doesnt transfer onto the new server

It's a new beta server. Everything on our main servers will stay till we see how it's going.

blue-eyed Dragonite... here to help you. Feel free to message me if you need help~

will pokes from the old servers still be there or will they reset?

You will keep everything you have on the other servers. It's simply an extra server with updates.

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When will it be launched?


I can't wait ^_^

Just do /warp jungletown or /warp junglemart ;) #nuke42andplanet

Luv it! :3

Hello world!

So close ^_^

Just do /warp jungletown or /warp junglemart ;) #nuke42andplanet

So Close! Can't Wait Until We're All Able To Play On The New Server! 


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Ikr this is going to be so cool!! XD

Can't Wait! 


Is the plan to eventually update the Kanto (+others) to the latest Pixelmon? Or Keep them on the Older Version and Transfer Pokemon, Perks, Money to the new server?


I doubt we'd be moving any builds over. If we moved one, we would have to move hundreds. And people that haven't played in forever and come back will be upset that they didn't get that option because they weren't around. 

Did you guys test to see if the weather glitch was still an issue that Pixelmon has not fixed?

what version of pixelmon will be on the new server?

I'm still hyped :)

Just do /warp jungletown or /warp junglemart ;) #nuke42andplanet

Will everything transfer? (please put in the comments of anything that won't be able to transfer like items or something)

How will we transfer our pokemons? Will be johto on 1.8.9 or 1.10.2? Will we keep our money, rank, perks,...

SupImDean, those have been asked numerous times. We will be keeping pixelmon and will be able to transfer, unknown, and We will keep all money, ranks, etc. The question is if they really will make a new server or not.

When will it be ready :)

The world may never know ;)

I cant wait for the update. I already have a list of pokemon i need to catch when the new update comes out. When will it happen?? I just hope i dont have to many problem updating the pixelmonmod. Losing items is if you ask me no problem as long as wekeep our pokemon