Shiny pokemon glich.

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Hello my ign is Anime_FanGirl and i have come upon something that i am really sad about. Yesterday i caught a shiny lvl 10 pachirisu from the safari and sent to my kanto server account. i had a shiny lvl 44 Charizard that i nicknamed Charcoal in my pc. Today around 11 o'clock pm i went on the kanto server to go flying on my charizard that i got as my one time random shiny. To my surprise and worry my charizard was replaced by an exact copy of the shiny lvl pachirisu.. cna someone please help. i got a screen shot of the glich.. but was not able to get a scrren shot of my shiny charizard... i know it might not help not having a screen shot of my charizard.


its a bug it should have fixed when you relogged....

it is still bugged

This happened to me I lost my Tyranitar and it duplicated my shiny mudkip.


Hey Anime_FanGirl, do you happen to have any screen shots of the Charizard you claim to have lost. By having this it would help to show us that you firstly had this in the first place and that you dont still have it but you didnt see it.

Any questions feel free to ask me. Here to help