check out my shop /pokestuffshop

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Hey everyone i built a shop and if you need any pokemon items just do /warp pokestuffshop i also sell pokemons (The only thing is so far that i need to be online to help you so just see if i am on) Cant wait to see you

good shop :)

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/warp pokestuff is the new shop. It now has buy signs and cheap prices as always.

Nobody. No one. You are looking at a blank space.

Indeed iamablock. Iamablock and i worked together on making a new /warp pokestuffshop (you can atm also use /warp pokestuff) we build a brandnew shoppingbuilding and we put in sign chest. I want to give at least 50% of the credits to iamablock for helping me and giving me the signs i needed. Come check the new shop out if you have a moment.