Indigo Conference League

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Welcome to the Indigo Conference League (I.C.L)

This tournament is on showdown in the ou tier or lower and works like this:

The tournament has atleast 5 rounds:


Round 1-4 will go like this

You shall have to battle every round with only 3 pokemons (can be changed after every battle)

Each time in a different "arena".

These arena's are: Rock, Water, Grass and Ice.

You will have to bring atleast 1 pokemon with that typing for the matching arena.

battles go like this (yes you battle someone twice):


Round 5 will be a normal 3v3 without any needed typing.


For each battle that you win you get a point, the 4 with the most points will be put in a bracket where they will have to battle to get to the finals (these battles are 6v6)

The player cap is 16

Prize: 10k pc (can go higher)

More info will come when needed, feel free to ask me about this event



1. superjurgen

​2. TiggerRah


4. AcidPhantom

5. lil_mr_derick

6. Dilox

7. GodOfPoop7689

8. MC_Invin

9. Joker2705

10. SpeedTurtleFTW

11. Mathewology

12. Cicmil

13. Nat3Do9


Deremei was here.

Sure, i'll join


I'm in.

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

I'll join

I'm in ^_^



I'll join! Can I just know when the tournament is so that I can know when to get on. Also for the rounds do all Pokemon must match the type that you need or just one. And is there a lvl cap?

Just one pokemon, as stated in the original post, and it's on pokemon showdown.

MEOW I'm going to be active again woohoo and also going to continue with this so join :)

Stay Super :)

ill do it

Count me in ;)


Count me in!!


I'd like to join please. :)

I'd like to join if positions are still available :)

Count me in!

Wanna try if u could put me in

Stay Super :)

sry super i cant to busy

(sry for the trouble)