Wipe current pixelmon auction before transferring begins

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Hey, I love the new server and beginning fresh but I would not like this experience for me and many others ruined by the pixelmon auction. To make my point clear I would love if the current pixelmon auction was wiped clean and a new one for specifically for the new server, because inevitably the economy will be ruined again.

In addition to this, the transferring of pixelmon, this I also have a problem with, I suggest that there should only be a certain number of pokemon allowed to be transferred from Kanto to 1.10 server also due to the economy, for example like 30. I understand that this might be a bit tedious but in my opinion will certainly improve my experience on Pixelmoncraft. :)

I've setup a quick link to a poll asking the same question to see what the people of the server think. Use the link below:


A lot of complaining will arise, especially people who have invested real money into the server for some of their pokemon. I heard somewhere that the auction was not even going to be included on the new server, but don't quote me on that, 

I totally understand what you are saying MooseTho, but something big has to be done otherwise not really much point of creating a new server, it's gunna become like Kanto but just updated. but besides that I hope the rumor is true.

I understand what you're trying to do with leveling the playing field and sorting the economy, but even if something like this were to happen, people will eventually have the same ability to mass produce well-bred pokemon. As soon as we have a few, they multiply, and its only a matter of time before perfect nature, ivs and bred moves are readily available to anyone, for a very low cost. This would, no doubt, change the economy, but it will eventually stabilize. As for being the same as Kanto, I disagree. The updated server is a complete hub, almost eliminating the sub-server need, and a server like that with gyms and a large following will mean we can keep growing, and remain updated, unlike Kanto, which is dying inevitably.

It won't be long until it is the same exact thing as Kanto theres already people breeding and selling perfect Pokemon, the reason for the update wasn't to fix the economy really it was for new Pokemon and the features in the new Minecraft versions. The amount of money a person has doesn't affect the next persons gameplay. We both have the opportunity to get what we want the person with less money will just have to grind for it more and theres nothing wrong with that. The reason the server was created was to have fun and if you can't do that because someone has more money than you then this isn't the server for you. Sorry not sorry. 

I made this point on discord, but the idea that people having millions of dollars isn't hurting anyone is just plain wrong. The significant wealth gap between the richest users on the server and the average player is one of the main reasons the economy is broken the way it is.

I cannot speak for the other servers, but as far as Kanto was concerned, buying from anywhere other than DarkVemon's shop was a waste of money and setting up your own shop a waste of time (in terms of making money). Just as large corporations have a huge advantage over small businesses in the real world, shops such as DarkVemon's are extremely detrimental to the server's economy. I don't mean to call him out, as he's only taking advantage of a flawed system, but there's a reason that we have laws preventing monopolization in the real world, it hurts the consumer in the end. Likewise, breeders flooding the market with competitive Pokemon is another issue which stems from people having too much money. It's a bit different in that individual Pokemon are more diverse than items, but it still adds to the deflation by driving prices down. This could probably be solved somewhat by putting a cap on how many Pokemon can be put on auction, though that is by no means a complete fix.

Ideally, we prevent players from accumulating such vast quantities of currency so easily by reducing/eliminating monetary donor rewards and the ability to purchase currency, however clearly that would negatively impact server profitability in the short term, which is an understandable concern.  

While there's probably not a perfect solution, the answer is not to just sit here and deny that there is a problem in the first place.

That gap is already present on the new server as well. 

Just because the server is upgraded, it doesn't mean the people who worked hard to make their money in the old server should just lose them outright.

Like I told Zach when he had the same argument the point of the server is to train your Pokemon the best you can and use them for the gyms, not have the best shop around town hence being called Pixelmoncraft not Shopcraft. This isn't a game of Monopoly and like I said before it doesn't matter how much money the next person has it will not affect the next persons gameplay, prices have never been out of control. If you make a shop and someone buys it out, why complain? The point was to make pc in the first place, am I right or wrong?

To argue that the only point of the server is to train Pokemon and beat gyms is extremely biased. That may be the only reason YOU play, but you cannot assume that everyone thinks like you. And if money is so irrelevant then why do we have currency at all? Why not just give everything away for free? Prices ARE out of control (or were, at the very least), just not in the direction that causes immediate panic. Prices get far too low due to undercutting and monopolization of the market, this is just as unhealthy as having prices sky high. As for people getting bought out, you are correct, that person is likely very happy with how things worked out, but that's just him, the consumers are the ones who suffer since they have few options from who to buy things. Sure, if we just erased everyone's balances some people would get upset, but eventually they'd get over it and the server as a whole would be better off

I do agree with At1anta on this, with the way things are right now, the items economy as well as the pokemon economy is completely broken.

For instance, I started a shop on the new server around the time the server started. When the shop was first started it was going well, even though only a few items got sold every day it was enough to be called "a profit", but within a week people started showing up setting prices at half the market rate, then a quarter and finally at a 10th or a 100th of the market rate for something that should be considered a rare item.

If this goes on, only a few people would actually make money while everyone else will be solely dependent on beating trainers to make their money.

While most people's points is that some having money doesn't affect those who do not, which in my opinion is wrong. Take the example of an economy where all standard items can be bought for under 200 PC, your standard player wouldn't even bother making money cause he can get that much for whatever he needs by just beating 2-4 trainers.

Now in that economy, if someone sells something like a soul dew, which is exceptionally rare, for 10-15k. Would the standard player ever be able to afford it?

In an economy where things actually cost their supposed value and where prices are on the higher side, that would drive the need to make money, people would devise new ways to make money and earn. While this is a pixelmon server, it doesn't remove the fact that there is an active economy in it. While there is an economy, there is a need to regulate it or else there will be serious consequences, like people quitting because of the disparity between those who have an established business and those who can't establish one anymore because the market has been monopolized.

Some people might argue that this is just a game and not a place to worry about such serious topics but I do disagree with that, if such serious topics are considered by some in power then the enjoyment of those who are playing will increase many times over.

Just something for you guys to consider seriously, before the new server's market completely crashes. 

You guys are missing a very big point, the economy wasn't broken because people had a lot of money, it was broken because of all the items people had stacked up from years of the server running. The items weren't rare anymore that's why they were so low. We can't do anything to "fix" the economy it will be broken eventually if we bring pc over or not, with a world with infinite pc it is bound to happen we aren't meant to control it that is the communities thing to control and they can't even control it eventually the items will stop being rare again and it will be the same. At the end of the day Lemon makes the decision and as of now i'm pretty sure his decision is set and us arguing about it won't change it.

Well I have nothing against the money being brought over, more with the economy itself.

I'm myself not entirely sure how the economy being broken can be fixed and this isn't something that staff can do anything about since it is a player controlled economy, though in which case I do think that removing sign shops won't help the economy and it's just detrimental to the players.

Removes a huge convenience, which made having a shop considerably easier.

Though again, that is the staff's decision and not something we can butt into.

I've been on the server a while, and on many servers, and from this I have learned one thing: Despite all the "regulation" the staff or someone can do, someone will find a loophole or a way around it, "breaking" the economy again. Trying to regulate the economy is a vain pursuit. A policy of Laissez-Faire might be the best here, as further meddling with the economy will not fix a problem that evolves with every new regulation.

I really do not like this suggestion. People worked hard and spent time to get all of the Pokemon on Kanto. I don't think they should put a limit on it. I also don't think the auction should be wiped because all of those Pokemon were hard for people to get.

People having too much money WAS part of the problem, but the overabundance of items was part of it too. Both problems must be addressed in order to fix the economy, and if we just keep doing this as we have been then the economy will eventually be broken again. That is why I'm arguing that we should be brainstorming ways to prevent this, not just sitting back and saying that everything's fine or that the economy is going to break itself no matter what. 

I'm unsure if it's a config option or not, but if possible removing the ability to craft held items and such would go a long way towards keeping things rare. Beyond that, simply decreasing boss spawns/item drop rates would help.

We can't do anything to prevent it like Moose said once we put one plan in action someone will find a way to go around it. Also one of the main reasons in my opinion that ruined the economy was the duplication glitches that happened randomly through the years, at one point master balls were 20-30 pc because of it people had double chests and probably some people still have double chests filled with master balls and rare items like it on the old server. The only way they kind of fixed it was Jesse flew around to all the shops and people suspected of abusing the duplication glitch and deleted their items but by that point a lot of it was already sold and imagine all of the hidden storage people kept of all types of items.

The same principles and problems apply to the server economy that do to every other economy. Many people try to take advantage of the system and find loopholes irl, but you don't see governments just giving up on regulating their economies because of it, do you? Just because something is difficult does not mean you should not try. As for masterballs, the price of one item cannot tank the economy on its own

I used Master balls as an example that goes for every other rare item that can be sold. I'm saying we can't control the economy the government doesn't have an unlimited amount of money but we do, it will never work out, we aren't meant to control the economy.

The government actually does have an unlimited amount of money, as they are the ones in charge of printing it. Either way, what's the worst that could happen by trying to control the economy? It can't really get worse, so why not try a few things and see what works. 

At1anta has a very good point.

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

I'm down with anything I have fun on the server whether I get my pc transferred or not, I'd rather have you guys than any amount of pc <3 lmao

Why wprry about the econemy. A server is ment to have fun, meet new people anf make new friends. I cant play on the new server yet because my laptop isnt capeble to but i am sure it is fun in any way even if the econemy isnt the way you would like it to be. You cant control that so just have fun with what you can make of it.

I think you've missed the point of this entire discussion

idk, I'd like my pc and pokemon to be on the new server. you could transfer the pc in different periods of time or a percentage of it.

I really do not understand why people think the economy on Kanto was messed up. I pretty much had no problem making pokecoins, if you really try, it's not that hard. I don't think the economy will get "ruined" like people think it did on the old server. Like I said, I never really had a hard time with getting pokecoins, and I still don't.