Pokemon Insurgence

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A few days ago, I heard about a cool Pokemon Fanmade Game called Pokemon Insurgence. Pokemon Insurgence is a game that adds tons of new forms to current Pokemon. It's almost like the new Alolan forms in the generation 7 games. For the past few days, WizardOfMemes, Totodile_Cute, Mr_Salty_Pug, GENDamian, falling_turtle, FiddlyLight, Roopidoosh, and I have been playing the game while talking about it on Teamspeak. If you would like to join us, download Teamspeak and join ts.pixelmoncraft.com. All of us are pretty active, so there is a chance that you'll find one of us to play the game with. You can find more information about the game here: https://p-insurgence.com/

If you download the game and install it using the launcher, it takes about 6 hours if you live on the West Coast USA. If you live on the East Coast it takes about 4 hours to download. If you are in Europe, it only takes about an hour or less to download. This game is worth the wait.

Once it is finished downloading AND installing, press play. If you get errors about fonts, here is the fix:

1. Open your file explorer.

2. Find the place where all of the files downloaded. (Usually Local Disk.)

3. Find your Program (x86) folder and open it up.

4. Open the Pokemon Insurgence Folder.

5. Open the Pokemon Insurgence Folder that is inside that Pokemon Insurgence Folder.

6. Create a desktop shortcut of the "Game" file that looks almost like an orange gear, or a sun.

7. Once you have made a desktop shortcut of it, do NOT rename it, sometimes that will mess things up.

8. Double click it and you're ready to play! :)

I hope some of you decide to download this game and come play it and talk to us on Teamspeak. You'll have a fun time! :)

What if I live in Bolivia?

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

365 days.