The Battle Hotel!!!!

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Ok guys for the last few months i have been working on a project. Which is the Battle Hotel which consets of 4 leaders that you must beat and doing so well allow you certain rewards depending on how many times you clear it. The teams are always change and none say the same for long. They are two ranges for the battle hotel which is the level 50 and level 100. The rules to the battle hotel are simple as well. They follow all gym rules expect you can bring one urber or mega of your choosing. Its either or not both if your bring both you are Disqualified from the event and will have to start over like in the original. So Good Luck and i will see you there. Also can battle in any order you wish. Just message us on Discord.  Also when you clear the battle screenshot it. post it here :D. Well guys good luck and Have Fun 

Leaders of the Battle Hotel

Lenthi- First Floor

Jennqi- SecondFloor

Raven_Faith-Third Floor

IRGreatness- Fourth Floor 


Rewards List-

1x Clear Item of your Choosing or Free Ev Train Vouchour  and Name on the Clear Board 

3x Clear Random Shiny Pokemon

5x Clear Random Legendary Pokemon 


They follow all gym rules expect you can bring one urber or mega of your choosing

Welcome to,

The Battle Hotel.

Looks like Heaven but might be Hell.

Where pleasant screams transform to yells,

And every suite casts its own spell.

Hoarder of Choray Try Hard Points!

10/11,000 till shiny Mew!

Update of challengers clear status: 

ItsJustChris has beaten the third floor/

SpeedTurtleFTW: has beaten the Second Floor/ Third Floor

The battle hotel will be closed for a while since the new update came out and the leaders need time to prepare to new teams and some i have some ideas to change it up and make it more fun now. So i will post on when the battle hotel will we re-open. Have any Questions pm me or just msg me in game when i am on.