The Battle Hotel!!!!

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Ok the Battle Hotel has updates guys. There will be changes and the changes are good. I have been discussing it with some of the leaders. The leaders have changed. Each floor will provide a different experience and way of battling. Such as monotypes, doubles battles, little cup battles, also no Hazards battles and much more. So as we finish planning this out i will bring you more updates and to when i plan to have it open again. 

Leaders of the Battle Hotel

ItsJustChris- First Floor

Jennqi- Second Floor

Raven_Faith-Third Floor

IRGreatness- Fourth Floor


Rewards List-TBA 



They follow all gym rules expect you can bring one urber or mega of your choosing

Welcome to,

The Battle Hotel.

Looks like Heaven but might be Hell.

Where pleasant screams transform to yells,

And every suite casts its own spell.

Hoarder of Choray Try Hard Points!

10/11,000 till shiny Mew!

Update of challengers clear status: 

ItsJustChris has beaten the third floor/

SpeedTurtleFTW: has beaten the Second Floor/ Third Floor

The battle hotel will be closed for a while since the new update came out and the leaders need time to prepare to new teams and some i have some ideas to change it up and make it more fun now. So i will post on when the battle hotel will we re-open. Have any Questions pm me or just msg me in game when i am on.