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Hello everyone! My name is lenthi and I`m a rock gym leader and most of you have probably seen me before ingame :D


Anyways, i have been thinking about making a pixelmon league and if you`re interested here`s all you need to know to sign up and etc.


  • HOW IT ALL WORKS: There will be three different leagues, the CHAMPION LEAGUE, the MASTER LEAGUE, the ROOKIE LEAGUE. These are leagues that you can get placed in depending on your skill. Our team will together think about how strong you are and which league you will be placed in. Each league contain 12 players and the top 3 of each league will either advance or get a prize for winning the CHAMPION LEAGUE or placing 2nd or 3rd. The top 3 from the MASTER LEAGUE will proceed to the CHAMPION LEAGUE And receive 1k pd each as a promotion bonus. The top three from the ROOKIE LEAGUE will receive 500 pd as a promotion bonus and proceed to the MASTER LEAGUE. The worst 3 in the CHAMPION LEAGUE and the MASTER LEAGUE Will drop down to either MASTER LEAGUE or ROOKIE LEAGUE depending on which league you were in before. In the ROOKIE LEAGUE The worst 4 Will drop out and so give a chance for new players to apply for a spot in the next season!The top 3 of the Champion league will receive following: 



1st: 12.5K PD and a spot in the CHAMPION HOF plus a legend.

2nd 6k PD And a shiny

3rd 3k PD and a random 5iv pokemon from lenthi`s shop.

Everyone that is in the middle of each league the positions (4-9 exept for the ROOKIE LEAGUE where there`s 4-8.) In the CHAMPION LEAGUE You will get 400 pd for staying in the league.

In the MASTER LEAGUE 200 pd for staying.

In the ROOKIE LEAGUE 100 pd for staying.

So we can all say that everyone will earn something!


  • WHY NOT 1 LEAGUE? Because there`s always new players that will come to the server and to make it as fair as possible i decided to make it this way.


  • RULES All the gym rules apply. I Might add something else depending on what will happen now when generations is out. IF YOU ARE INACTIVE WITHOUT TELLING ME IN PM, LETS SAY FOR ABOUT 4 DAYS AND FORWARD THEN I WILL REMOVE YOU FROM THE LEAGUE AND YOUR PROGRESS WILL BE RESET, AND THE OPPONENT WILL WIN ON W/O AKA 3-0. The winner will be the one who wins the most battles aka points. If you win 3-0 you will have 3 points and if you do 2-2 2 points. and if you win or lose 3-1 or 1-3 If you win you get 3 points and if you win one and lose 3, 1 point. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO SWITCH TEAMS IN BETWEEN THE BATTLES OF DOUBLES AND SINGLES BUT IF YOU USE ONE TEAM FOR SINGLES, YOU WILL HAVE TO USE THAT ONE FOR THE NEXT SINGLE BATTLE AFTER THE DOUBLES BATTLE. Team preview shall be ON!




  • HOW LONG IS ONE SEASON? To avoid stress with timzones etc we will star December 1st And go all the way to January 11th. If we finish earlier that`s ok too.



  • SIGNUP? To sign up you will have to leave a comment on the forum, contact me on discord/ts3 or contact me ingame​


  • JUDGES? Lenthi, Spassmacherhd, darkstar135 more to come soon...


  • START DATE? The 9th December 2017. Why so late? Because of the new generations mod players need more time to manage up their teams.


  • BEST OF? 4 matches will be the maximum amount played so pontential outcomes is: 3-1 2-2 or 3-0 First match will be Singles, Second doubles, third singles, second doubles. Each battle count as we will count in how many battles you`ve won and not if it will be 3-0. Everyone will play each other twice.


  • OBS: A judge must`ve watched the game, and if a judge is batteling another player that judge can self-judge, same if 2 judges are going against each other.


  • DONATIONS: Donations are highly appreciated! Such as legends and PD in order to run these 3 leagues together. The highest donator will receive a special spot in our hall of fame. That`s my pokemons on auction you can buy them if you want. The money will go to the league :D



  • JOIN OUR LEAGUE DISCORD! We will have a discord for the league so judges and players can communicate easier. This is also used to report scores. The link:



  • DO YOU WANT TO GET OFF THE LEAGUE? Contact me before December the 1st or tell me right after the season is done.


I Wish you all a good day! This project is to make this server more into batteling then it is! I Hope you all agree with me! 

I Wish you all good luck in the leagues!


List of participants:

1. lenthi

2. Eierkoepfe

3. KingAlex03

4. Willskylimit

5. SpeedTurtleFTW

6. SpassmacherHD

7. MegaZard

8. jennqi 

9. AcidPhantom

10. Soul_Apple

11. Falling_Turtle

12. DarkStAr135

13. ItsJustChris

14. DKFlash

15. Distributional

16. Goat_Mate

17. Snorhax

18. Lolsstopper_FTW

19. WildMasta

20. GrandpaWafflez

21. Pengy6363

22. Marcuslo831

23. Mrpankaks

Link to brackets: <---- CHAMPION LEAGUE <-------- MASTER LEAGUE <----------- ROOKIE LEAGUE




Have any questions or concerns? Contact me on TS3/DISCORD Or Ingame




I guess I'll join lol.





I'm joining

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I'd like to join Capt!