Missing Jolteon, Duplicated into a wartortle

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I returned from the safari server when I realized there was a Wartortle in my party instead of the usual Jolteon. I checked my PC to see if I had swapped them out but instead of finding my Jolteon I found a second Wartortle with the exact same level, nature, stats and IVs my guess is that my Jolteon was turned into a Wartortle. Something else that's weird with this is that whenever I send one of my wartortles out from its pokeball(while both Wartortles are in my party) the UI shows that both Wartortles are out while only one appears on the server. I'm not sure why this happens(guessing it has something to do with taking pokemon in and out of the PC) but it's happened to me twice before, once with my free random shiny Sharpedo and once with a Togetic that I brought in from the safari zone(I didn't report those times becasue I didnt have screenshots). My Jolteon was level 75, modest nature with good sp. att and sp. def IVs, it also knew Volt Switch, Thunderbolt, thunder wave and swift. I've put down some screenshots, one of the Jolteon in my party(screenshot was taken earlier in the week so the level is off) and one of the two wartortles in  my party(one is level 17 because I got into a battle with exp all on and it leveled up).

please reach back to me if you can or can't replace my Jolteon.

-Thank you for your time.

I will contact a manager about this issue.