thirth Server for external moves

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Hey all


I was thinking of an other server where we can move our pokemon's too trough the pokebank and on that server enabling External Moves like Cut,rocksmash etc.
Just so we can use them for harvesting like it should have been

Please make this a reality if its possible

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I feel like making a whole entire new server for this would be very pointless... external moves are disabled because they can cause griefing.

thats why i am suggesting a other server to harvest with the E_moves and not to build. i have seen this on many servers where people where able to harvest things and can build but that server gets reset every 2 months or less depending on the size of the world. this world does not have to be only for harvesting but can have other things as wel.

Again, making a brand new server just for external moves seems pointless...

Speaking from experience: adding new servers is practically always a bad idea. This one will die out especially quickly with guarantee.

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