Weird Pokemon Duplication

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Hello, I had traded a Level 100 Swampert to my friend and after I did I glitched out and went into a weird glitched state so I logged out and back in and where my metagross was when I logged off the Swampert had reappeared and my freind still has his Swampert. So I'm wondering if there's any way to get my Metagross back because it was quite valuable to my team because it was not only a good pokemon but it had a mega stone on it as well.


Do you have any screenshots of the Metagross?  Or are there any special characteristics of it?

I do not have any screenshots of the Metagross but it was an Adamant Metagross and it had 101% EVs and I bought it from Thomasldw and he was the original owner of it. Also I can have my friend screenshot the Swampert and I can show you the one that me and him have are exactly the same.

Added the metagross from Thomas' previous storage action. Basically I added the metagross that he once had in /store /sell to your pokebank. You can claim it with /claim or /c all. Please tell me if the data of this metagross is correct.