Glitched Ditto

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I received a Ditto through Wonder Trade; however, I instantly noticed that I could not do anything with it. I couldn't send it out, I couldn't put in into my PC or a Ranch. So, I foolishly stored it away and then did the /claim command, which put it into my PC. Now, I cannot remove it from my PC. It has the little lock icon on it despite the fact that it is in none of my Ranches. I've even taken down all of my Ranches just in case and it still had the lock icon. So now I'm stuck with a Ditto that I can't move or do anything with. Honestly the only thing I can do to the Ditto is rename it! 

Help or suggestions as to how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. 

I can unlock it for you. Feel free to message me or any other staff member asking to be unlocked if you see any of us online.