Pixelmon Auction

The Pixelmon Auction system is a safe method of trading pixelmon for pokecoins. 

Name Level Shiny Nature Growth Gender Ability Price
Virizion Virizion 70 Yes Lax Small Genderless Justified 11001pc
Virizion Virizion 70 Yes Mild Ordinary Genderless Justified 11001pc
Simisear Simisear 27 Yes Modest Small Male Gluttony 200pc
Rattata Rattata 20 Yes Calm Ordinary Female Guts 200pc
Staraptor Staraptor 37 Yes Mild Giant Male Intimidate 200pc
Corphish Corphish 18 Yes Impish Small Male ShellArmour 200pc
Whismur Whismur 5 Yes Brave Small Female Soundproof 200pc
Golett Golett 31 Yes Rash Huge Genderless Klutz 200pc
Florges Florges 34 Yes Hardy Small Female FlowerVeil 200pc
Seviper Seviper 45 Yes Hasty Small Female ShedSkin 200pc
Alomomola Alomomola 34 Yes Lax Ordinary Female Hydration 200pc
Ariados Ariados 37 Yes Careful Small Female Insomnia 200pc
Gourgeist Gourgeist 30 Yes Relaxed Ordinary Male Frisk 200pc
Cascoon Cascoon 10 Yes Timid Giant Female ShedSkin 200pc
Muk Muk 45 Yes Modest Small Female StickyHold 200pc
Flaaffy Flaaffy 24 Yes Bashful Ordinary Male Static 200pc
Donphan Donphan 40 Yes Sassy Ordinary Female Sturdy 200pc
Walrein Walrein 52 Yes Bold Small Female ThickFat 200pc
Mantine Mantine 19 Yes Jolly Huge Female SwiftSwim 200pc
Malamar Malamar 44 Yes Mild Ordinary Female SuctionCups 200pc
Anorith Anorith 20 Yes Rash Ordinary Male BattleArmour 200pc
Kricketot Kricketot 7 Yes Careful Ordinary Male ShedSkin 200pc
Hoothoot Hoothoot 17 Yes Docile Giant Female KeenEye 200pc
Bibarel Bibarel 25 Yes Rash Huge Female Unaware 200pc
Sawsbuck Sawsbuck 44 Yes Hardy Huge Female Chlorophyll 200pc