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Good morning!

I am avarege player on Pixelmon Planet server and i am playing here about 2 months total (was playing 6 month ago, played month and than made a big break). And almost every time when new player joins this server it asks 
"how to claim?" or "where do i get starter equipment?". His question gets answered but often not by PokeHelpers (they are normal people like other people and need too sleap and eat too! They can't be online 24 hours a day [i am not blaming them]). So it will be really go to make something like /warp help or so. There people can get information about server and Pixelmon items. That will be really cool! Also if administrators will make it they should place a sign on spawn that says something like "If you are new player do /warp help to get information".  That would be very helpful! Hope people will agree with me suggestion and administrators will hear it ^u^.

Oh and one more thing there is a building on spawn that should be a shop and there is a sign "Work in Progress, opening soon" but it still isn't done.

Thanks for reading my little letter


There is some useful guides in this forum that would be helpful for new players. ;)

There are on the forum but i think 1st thing that people do when they are joining server they are searching for help there and not on the forum

Besides it is faster to do /warp than opening browser and searching for it of forum

One way I see is that when someone new joins in, they receive a book with some beginning commands and rules written in them.

That would be nice but most of people doesn't like to read books :D

I can see the question about "How do I claim" on Planet a lot. I found out that one of our Mods made a warp that explains everything (/warp claim). I think it's not quite finished with the commands and stuff and NaughtyGoblin hasn't got time for it at the moment. But I think it's still worth to tell the newer players to go there. 

blue-eyed Dragonite... here to help you. Feel free to message me if you need help~

As i said it would be rly helpful to make a sign (for example) on spawn that says  "If you are new player do /warp help to get information"

It's quicker for the new players to open up the guides on the forum than for us to build this whole place. I see this as a waste of time.

Might be able to make a beginners guide in book form. I'll start working on it.

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Yay ideas!

Book sounds like a good idea