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So I decided that since i noticed a lot of the community doesn't like teambuild, and recently I have been in a HUGE teambuilding mood, I'll make this forum for people of the server to come and just pick up a team and carry on their way. These teams will be coming at random from each of the following tiers: Uber, VGC 2016, AG, OU, UU, RU, NU, PU, LC, or honestly anything I feel like building in at the moment. Now I'm not saying that I'm the best at team building at all, I'm simply putting forth my free work for you all to get teams. Will these teams be the best? No. Will these teams be extremely competitive? Sorta-Kinda. Will these teams try to be unique and fun? Of course! I am one who loves going against the meta, so I'll try to make these teams as original as possible. I'll be posting different play styles such as Stall, Hyper-Offense, Balance, and Bulky Offense. If you want a certain team build around a certain pokemon, feel free to post it on this forum and if I like the idea I'll gladly make something up for it. I wanna have fun with this, since this teambuilding process can possibly be what I was looking for to get me a jump start into enjoying mons again! Check back every day to see if I've posted a new team. I've got a few ideas in mind, so I may start pushing them out at rapid-fire! Until next time..




Talonflame + Friends








I can become anything if I ask Mr. Moon!




Greninja is still good!

Mewtwo's Psych'd Up for this!

VGC 2016

Primal Camerupt TR*


Vile King

Dragonfly went to the Eyedoctor



Need help with making a team? Check out my RMT forum:!

Plan on doing any Pixelmon builds?

Working on one right now!

Need help with making a team? Check out my RMT forum:!

Great to see Hitmontop get some love! Good team Quantum

can we also send sample teams

Stay Super :)

Yes, if you wish to have a team of yours posted then you can PM it to me and if I see anything that should be changed up a little or something I'll do it and post it in the forum but if not then I'll add it. So anyone who wants their team to go up there, just PM it to me!

Need help with making a team? Check out my RMT forum:!