Your new Pixelmon Adventure

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Here at we strive to provide the best possible Pixelmon experience on a Pixelmon server. A new adventure survival server has been created in addition to solve your needs of expansion and choice on where to settle and start your new Pixelmon adventure. You can type /johto to join the new Pixelmon server, to get back to the main server you would need to type /kanto.

The new server has a trippled (3x) spawnrate and a lot of PokeLoot balls, join

Does the 3x Spawnrate somehow interfere w the other server? I found hardly any pokemon yesterday evening on kanto.

Spawnrates on Kanto are still the same. Just walk around a bit and they should spawn in.

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Do legendaries spawn in this new world?

hi i'm new how to i get on the server whenever i try to log in it says i need to have forge installed what do i do


Please make a topic at the support forums.

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

He just needs to install forge, follow the download steps.

How do u get a starter pokemon in the johto server?


Derpy is best pony

You would have to type /starter to get a starter.