2 VS 2 Tournament

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What is it?
It is a tournament where groups of 2 fight argainst eachothers.

How does it work?
You will have to team up with someone else and battle argainst another team.

How do you enter?
You will have to confirm your team you will have to go to our official discord: https://discord.gg/B7dJGz9.

What do you win?
Both the players will get 10k as a reward.

How does the battles work?
All the players and a refery will have to go to /w battle2v2 and press the players will have to go to press the button (make sure noone else is using it) and the refery will have to walk in.

When does it start?
At 10 teams so 20 players.

The general gym rules ubers are not alowed and each player can have 1 sleeping.

Will there be a challonge ranking table for the battles?

Ya done know   1000+ Days here 

Battle rules? 2 teams of 3, or 2 teams of 6? Tournament/bracket structure? Will people be able to switch pokemon between rounds/battles?

all pokemons are alowed and there are in total 8 teams of 2 and it will be 2 players vs 2 players and you there is only 1 round an you can switch between battles and you cant use any items like revive or something.

And the results of the matches will be on the discord

I'm in!

I'm in

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