- Helpop Or Something Like It -

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Now, this post was just a idea so don't go into depth why this shouldn't happen just a simple i agree or i disagree would be good enough

I think maybe a /helpop or some type or command which stands out to staff would be better than using messages or just the normal chat, i think this because in my couple of weeks/days [idk] of being a pokehelper i see i don't miss quite alot but if i'm focused on doing something i might miss a few people asking me something or tryna talk to me. this was just a idea to make it stand out more if someone needs assistance or help off a staff/op player who is online





I like the bold makes this post better. Bring back tickets :)

Ya done know   1000+ Days here 

Yes, everyone wants a ticket system back, but sadly there aren't any good systems made for Sponge right now.