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I think we should have a auction on the server. It would stop the constant spam in chat. "Selling firestone message me!" Or "Buy a Snorlax so message me if you have one" It would be epic if Pokémon could be auctioned too. But even if it was only possible for objects to be auctioned it would be really helpful for players and a good way to get rid of their objects. I spoke to a few gym leaders about it and they said they thought it was a good idea. So I would ask that you take this idea into consideration :)

P.s Well done on 50,000 members!!

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Austions would make things much easier. So not adding a new chat channel, but when an auction is started it says in main chat and then once it is underway only bidders see the auction in their chat.

Yeh you can do a sealed auction so people just put in random bids and the highest wins. That means no chat spam and no troll bidding. (Bidding in like the last second)

Love the idea!
I've wanted to my items, I'm just to lazy to make a shop. This would work perfect.

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Thanks for sharing your suggestion,
It does sound like fun, please give us more information about your thoughts for this plugin.

Moved to pending.

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I'm busy with the detailed page.
I have now: Name, Level, Shiny, Nature, Growth, Gender & Exp.
details do you want more?

If possible, the moveset is sometimes important when buying/selling a pokemon. In case people used TM/HMs on the pokemons.

It would be useful to see the EV values.

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Looking forward to see this feature implemented. 

Its live