Ignore Command

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I really think an /ignore command should be implemented asap.
It'd really be useful if it was, especially when it comes to people who are being extremely annoying.

The full command would look like this: /ignore username

Example: /ignore bluewolf314

Though, if it's possible, I think it'd be best for the command to only work against regular players.
Meaning you can ignore anyone who isn't a Moderator, PokeHelper, Gym Leader, or Admin.


I completely agree with OP. With 750 spots on the server there are bound to be some people who annoy you. An ignore feature would solve this problem completely AND save the staff time by having to clear up arguments in the chat. Of course there should be certain restrictions as Misophrenic mentions such as not being able to ignore staff. Maybe you could even have a limit, so you can't ignore EVERY player. However an ignore command is definitely needed.

I really like this idea, becouse I have been stalked by people various times. 

im dead....


we are working on the chat plugin and this will get add to the server