Kanto and Johto Server Update

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It is now possible to directly join your favorite pixelmoncraft server by typing in one of the following server ip's: kanto.pixelmoncraft.com or johto.pixelmoncraft.com feel free to add the ip addresses to your client.

You may also have seen that an auction system has been released which makes it possible to auction in-game items on the auction shop or transfer the items to another pixelmoncraft server. Type /auction to find more about this new system. You can now prepare your auction shop listening, visit auction.pixelmoncraft.com to view the auction shop.

New cities have been build and shall be released soon as well with the new gym teams, we had a little delay on this one due to technical issues with the spawning of double pixelmon.


Thanks Lemon!

Hello! my name is Luke and my IGN Is Dowle55! Nice to meet you! Need any help? Ask me! You can find me in Kanto <3

hi can you pleass help me get in pixelvill