Pixelmon Auction (not original suggestion)

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I was talking with Lemonita about the growing requests of a Pixelmon related auction house. This idea was discussed a bit and now the staff would like to hear thoughts and see how much support there is for this system.

This system would most likely have it's own store function

Example: /auction 1-6 and /ac (auctionclaim)


I discussed this new system based on over 10 users drive to ask for it over the past 3 weeks, from the day auction was discussed for items. As I stated this is nobodies original idea as I feel multiple users have wanted a Pixelmon auction. 

Each Pixelmon would have a sprite much like the items, along with a (S) Zubat or something to show it's a shiny Pixelmon, along with a possible page to display the stats and maybe even the EVs trained on it. 


So what myself and the rest of those who wish this system to pass need from you, is to simply post your ideas. What you would like to see, what your willing to do without, a small bio where trainers can type in somethings ev trained information, or other pertinent information. please list if you think this idea would help and how much you would use this system.

As it is now, users get scammed every day and as a staff member. I myself can't stop or make all those scams right, but a system that takes pay first then trade out of the equation would make scams a thing of the past.


As always if you ever need help let me know :)


I think this is a great idea.


I fully and entirely agree with this idea and would love to see it a reality. Since the auction for items first came out, a few users and myself have wanted it for the pixelmon as well! I hope this all goes well and would love to see this take off and make our server the most popular on the web :)

I was talking with Lemonita about this today.

If pqqqqq fix the plugin to push a pokemon to action (separate store).
I will fix the web user interface to buy a pokemon on a page with pictures and stats.
Only i need a lot of pokemon pictures.

An Auction type where you can leave comments about the details of a pixelmon would be supplimental at best, but a hard list of nature, shiny status, move sets, and level would be an absolutely necessary detail in such a system to optimize good sales and reduce scams.  Without that, I. and many others would still make in-game trades as they are done now.

The EV training info would be nice to have hard listed in a sale, but can easily be disregarded if sold pixelmon are untrained from the beginning.

As aforementioned in my initial post. The fist thought was to include a hard list of stats and EVs, another outcome that was entertained. Was the reset of a Pixelmonalthough that would be harder to cove vs a simple transference of data. I however would still like to see a text box for the seller to list the moves or other information, as I feel the display of all fields of moves and such to be an advanced taste that only a small percentage of users need to see when buying Pixelmon and not needed right away in the beta release. But these are the kinds of opinions and ideas we are looking for, to see what kinds of product the users would want. Thank you for your input.


this post is so amazing that it makes me want to burst out into tears of joy

if we could Auction of Pokemon that would be awesome cause then people wont have to be online at certain times :) so please add this


I like this idea. 

I like this idea as well :) 

please implement this, it sounds like a great idea and will make the server that much better in my op 

Auction is live!