Pixelmon App

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Sometimes when I am off the computer, I like to go on the website via my IPod, however It is Laggy and untrustworthy because it crashes, freezes and whatnot.


To solve this problem and to help people be able to get into the website via android or whatever, I thought maybe you could make an app? Because:

•People would be more social on the forums

•Myself and many others can see the latest news (because at the moment you can't even see the full page, just cut off text)

•People could find out about the server more by reviews on the app store

I hope you enjoyed reading this, please take it into consideration,



If you are offering to make it then that would be great :P

Idk how to, but ill try


The website is almost mobile responsive, i used it on my tablet and phone.

I'm using the site on my tablet too, so i don't see why we need an app?


Hi there.

Works well with my mobile(S4).

the website works for me