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gym leader name's say [gym 1] [gym 2] and so on. pokehelper's name's say [pokehelper] i think that on the donate website, if they go to "perks" a new perk should be "create rank" it should be about 10 euros, and people should be able to create their own rank. I think that would be cool, if i could have a rank! Please accept this idea! Thank you for reading! but, the rank would have to be approved by a moderator, admin, etc.

People will most likely abuse this feature if they can make there own ranks. The people that are having the Gymleader and Pokehelper rank have a reason for having those ranks. Giving players the ability to create there own ranks would only cause trouble and it would make the Global chat look very messy.

Private Message here for assistance.

denied people will come up with strange symbols en will flood the chat