Ancient Pixelmon Dungeon

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The first Pixelmoncraft dungeon has been implemented in /kanto and is visitable through /dungeon. In this Dungeon your goal is to navigate your way through the maze and find the treasure room that is hidden deep within the Ancient Temple. Have fun, and good luck!

More to come these upcoming weeks!

If you're having a hard time navigating your way through the dungeon never give up!

Private Message here for assistance.

I've tried it already. It's almost impossible.

"When life gives you lemons, check if one of them is Lemonita.

If it is, you have just successfully kidnapped Lemonita!" ~AzureSkyheart

Good for the new users I guess. Sadly I get more on johto daily than I ever will from there.

Nice job, but one thing I noticed: those first five unown blocks spell out staff :o


I thought they spelled out start

Well, if you look at it more closely, it spells out staff, not start

From what I could do from playing in this dungeon. Go find the lava walk way, and then you're on your own from there to find the treasure.


Edit: Naa I give up, waste of time trying to get to the room.

nothing can be found there

im dead....


Thierryo3 don't tell lies on the forum. There is a room where there is a lot of pokeloot. All you need to do is find it one time and the next time it is a lot easier.

I found it pretty decent loot there wish there was a permanent moltres shine there lol

*Waits till the next Ancient Pixelmon Dungeon comes* :D


how do i even play?


Do /dungeon and you will be tp'ed to the dungeon. Have fun.

I've memorized the dungeon and willing to take kids thru..... for a small fee of course 

/w me to see my place. Pokeball Lighthouse, Gym (looks like GBA gym) Secret Rooms, Train Station. Its for sale if you got enough PC !

whats your price?

If you ever see me ingame on Kanto, ill lead you to the pokelott for free.  I have it completely memorized XD

Actually it's easy to do.. .

It's possible to glitch through the blocks to the Reward room

I have come across a glitch in the dungeon which allows you to easily complete it. This should be patched quickly. I believe BeaconFire also knows it.