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I don't know if this has been suggested before but could you make it so we can buy all the music disks from /pokemart since the only Music Disks we can get at the moment is "13" and "Cat" 



Maybe could we be able to sell music disc as they just serve no legit purpose

You can buy discs at auction..? 
Most of them are 1pc

I Don't think you read my post right. since there is a lot more music disks then just "13" and "Cat". and on lemons server you can only get them 2 im talking about him selling them all at /pokemart so you can get all of the music disks like "blocks", "mellohi", "ward" and all of the other ones.

Any chance of this happening because me and my friend really want to get all the of the music disks for our jukebox. - There's only so many times you can listen to CAT and 13. ^^

I'll be making some space for this in the pokemart. -> moved to approved
Just thought about a fun quest I can make with this. Coming soon ;).

Quest implemented (2_Music), type /q start 2_Music to start it.

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