harder server?

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I for one would like a server where you got hungry and pokemon would battle you out of the blue and trainers

Agree ;)

I agree but I believe the trainers are being worked on the rest is possible though  :)


Perhaps we could think of a way for our Community to toggle there hunger On and Off. I'll put this suggestion into "Pending" for now until there's further information about this possibility.

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Personally, I don't know if it's 1.6.4 or Pixelmon but plants grow slooowly, and there are no mobs (cows, pigs). Having hunger enabled with Pixelmon will be hard, good luck XD

A pixelmon survival server with an harsh open environment where you will die is in development, it will be Hoenn ;)

Both minecraft and pixelmon monsters will be enabled, thus plenty of food resources to stay alive.

Transfering pixelmon or auctioning items will not be allowed in this server.

I see they are adding hoenn, will hoenn be the harder server?

Approved, Hoenn has been implemented.

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