Pixelmoncraft Safari Server Update

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The Safari Server has been updated with a new designed safari map with all the biomes available, you can find the safari server on safari.pixelmoncraft.com or by typing /safari.

Claim 64 Free Safari Balls and test out your luck!

Loving the new Safari server layout and design.

how do i play?


See my signature (download).

why cant i claim the 64 safari balls?

Maybe you already claimed your 64 safari balls and forgot all about it? o-O

I can't get my Safari Pókemons.

I say '/claimsafari' from Kanto, and the answer is "You do not have any new safari pixelmon", but I have 17 Pokémons (and my default Starter on Safari).

And if I say on safari '/store 1', '/store 2', '/store 1-6', '/store 1-5'. ... "An unknown error occurred while attempting to perform this command".


Any help? I can't found anything :s

Bugs brought with the 3.3.9 update. Will be fixed when the new update comes out.

Hi there.

Ok! There are too much bugs :s I want 3.3.10 soon xD But I'll wait


Actually I haven't been able to locate a Birch Forest anywhere... are you sure you added every biome? I would like to catch a swablu.

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