Pixelmon 3.1 Preview for Minecraft 1.7

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New Gui:

Double battles:

Looks good

Nice, like the new Gui and double battles :J

when is this being released? and are there any new pokemon being added? :)

Looks niceee 


"When life gives you lemons, check if one of them is Lemonita.

If it is, you have just successfully kidnapped Lemonita!" ~AzureSkyheart

Looks nice! But when the update is released do the server reset the map?

woop woop team rocket team battle tourny to be announced soon

Looks like I will have to beat all of team rocket again ;)


Looks really good can't wait still have to download mc 1.7 though (wool woop so fun) 

server's number one umbreon boy :D 

Can't wait ... looks amazing

Great Update!!! Cant Wait!!! :D


will be the map reseted after its released ? :o

i hope not