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hi, im csmineman. there is team flare, plasma, rocket, aqua, magma, and galactic.  I was wondering if maybe you could add ranks for example the leader of team flare is me so it would say [FlareLeader]CSMineMan [RocketLeader]_Aeriel_ team plasma has kings, so [king1] (name) [king2] (name) and so on. normal team members would say [FlareMember](name) and so on. Leaders would be able to do a command to give people the rank to be in the team. there could be an email just like applying for gym leader I would have access to the flare email and the plasma kings would have access to the plasma email and so on. People should be able to also do /teamonline and it will show all team leaders that are online. also /teamapply then a list of the emails comes up it would look kind of like this.

flare: (email)

rocket: (email)

plasma: (email)

aqua: (email)

galactic: (email)


Please accept this idea i think it would be awesome! :)

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i did not relize sorry btw i just read it and in the comments he requested to close it.


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