Pixelmon Auction

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Pixelmon Auction Commands

Command Description
/store 1-6 Store pixelmon for transfering pixelmon.
/sell 1-6 Store pixelmon for auction.
/claim Claim pixelmon from the pixelmon bank.
/confirm Confirm your ingame account before you can use the pixelmon auction.

The Pixelmon Auction system has been launched which will bring a safe method of trading pixelmon for pokecoins.

This system will work directly with your PokeCoins ingame and works with the command /sell 1-6. Once you stored a pixelmon to sell on the pixelmon auction you can go to pixelmoncraft.com/auction to find the auction page. Here you can put your pixelmon up for auction on the Sell a Pixelmon page.

Before you can purchase or put up pixelmon for auction you have to confirm your ingame account with /confirm. And when you succesully purchased a pixelmon this pixelmon will become available directly in /claim. The minimum price of a pixelmon is 50pc and the auction fees are 10pc, you pay the fee if you buy a pixelmon or cancel an auction.

On your profile and other user's profile pages you can find a listening of pixelmon auctions per player.

This system works with a Terms of Service agreement which you will have to accept every time you make use of the pixelmon auction. pixelmoncraft.com/tos/

When I write /claim, It says could not find a World Edit Selection. What do I do?? How do I get the pokemon that I just bought on the auction???

Also, the /sell command assumes you are trying to sell an item from your inventory. While trying to transfer pokemon to the auction, it says they are stored (by PokeBank) but then cannot be claimed back and do not appear on the available for auction page. It seems to be glitched, unless i am the only one experiencing this?

The command is not /claim, the command is /pokebank all


The command to put Pokemon on auction is /auction (slot) and the command to claim Pokemon is /pokebank all