Pokeball Making

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What do you think the most boring thing about pixelmon is?

Well, to me it is sitting there with a hammer an making pokeballs. You have to make the bottom and the top from discs into the base and lid, which takes forever. I think maybe a sign could be made that trades the discs straight into the base and lid? Maybe make it so in the shop you can buy a command or a sign that a pokehelper or mod can create just trading the two for each other? I would pay like 10 Euros for that! And it seems like a huge time waster and money waster because even diamond hammers break super fast. I think there are commands to make villagers trade anything you want them to, so that would work. A villager that trades stacks of pokeball discs into lids and bases. Like name them after Kirk from the game! I think that was his name...  Hopefully this helps make Pixelmon in general better, because making pokeballs suck! XD 


Thanks for reading my little rant,


This seems like a very good time saving idea i like it :D Downyy get on this ;P

If you don´t like to make pokeballs then just buy them from other players. It´s just how the game works. And making pokeballs is really fast, just make a diamond hammer, diamonds are 2-3pc so that would be 10-15pc for a diamond hammer. And just enchant it at /warp etable (The warp works on both /kanto and /johto)

L, do you know Gods of Death love apples?

Creating pokeballs is a part of the game