Pixelmoncraft Commands Update

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The command /tpa is now available for Trainers, so that new users can go to their friends without first having to pay. The donator rank will be compensated soon with new commands. Ideas for extras commands are always welcome!

Pixelmon Transfers

Command usage: /store <slot>- This command is used to store a pokemon in the slot specified to be transferred to other servers!

Command usage: /claim - This command will bring up an interface similar to when you pick your pokemon at the beginning of your time on the server simply click on the pokemon you want to claim and they will be shipped to your first open slot in your pc or player inventory in your current server!

PokeInfo Commands

Command usage: /catchrate <pokemonName> - gives the catch rate and % change for the pokemon.
Command usage: /movelist <pokemonName> - gives the moves that pokemon learns at each level.
Command usage: /tmlist <pokemonName> - lists all the TM and HM moves that pokemon can learn.
​Command usage: /moveinfo <moveName> - lists all the details of the selected move.

EVs, IVs and Hiddenpower

Command usage: /ivs <slot> - lets you view the IV (initial values) of the pokemon in the provided party slot (so /ivs 2 gives the IVs for the second pokemon on your team). IVs can vary between 0 and 31 for each of the six stats (HP, ATK, DEF, SpATK, SpDEF, Speed), higher values meaning the pokemon will be stronger in that stat.

Command usage: /evs <slot> - lets you view the EV (initial values) of the pokemon in the provided party slot (so /ivs 2 gives the EVs for the second pokemon on your team). You gain EVs based on what pokemon you faint with that pokemon (any pokemon that gets EXP from a fight shares in the EVs gained from that fight). They can range from 0 to 255 for each of the 6 stats, with a maximum total for all 6 categories of 510. These points strengthen that stat of the pokemon and their effect is based on level. For example at level 100, the number of points divided by 4 is your bonus, but at level 50 its the number of points divided by 8. So 80 Speed EVs gives +20 speed at level 100, but +10 at level 50.

Command usage: /hiddenpower <slot> - HiddenPower (TM10) is able to be learned by all pokemon, and its Type and Power depend on each pokemon's IV stats - every pokemon even within the same species can have different powers and types of hidden power (type can be anything besides Normal, and power can range from 30-70). This command will print out what element and what power level that pokemon would have if it learned hidden power. You could have a Charizard with a Power 70 Electric HiddenPower that can take out those pesky water types!

Pixel Checker

Command usage: /nat - Type this command and right click a pixelmon to see it's nature.

Command usage: /ability - Type this command and right click a pixelmon to see it's abilities.

Wonder Trade

Command usage: /wondertrade <slot> - Store pixelmon into the wondertrade pool.
Command usage: /wondertrade time - Remaining time until you can use wondertrade again.

For those of you who played pokemon, you probably know the original version of Wondertrade. Wondertrade is a new command that lets you get rid of a random pokemon and receive a new, random one! When using Wondertrade, you can add a pokemon in your party to a big pool of pokemon added by different players on the server. Wondertrade lasts for 1 hour, and restarts every hour. At the end of the hour you will receive one random pokemon from the Wondertrade pool. If you have an open slot on your team, the pokemon will be added to your team, or if your team is full will be added to your PC. If the pokemon in Wondertrade would evolve, it will only evolve if it is added to your party, so PC additions will miss out on the evolution. 

Server-wide announcements will be made letting people know whenever you place a legendary or a shiny into Wondertrade, so you can do special random giveaways with it! Occasionally, Lemon will also seed the Wondertrade pool with additional special legendary/rares/etc. If something odd happens and there ends up being more people in the pool than pokemon, you may receive a random pokeball instead of a pokemon. Anytime there are surplus pokemon in the pool, they will be kept into the next hour's pool.


Cool idea, I like it very much. Today I traded a Magicarp (sorry :P) and got a Dratini in return. :D


This is very nice I would say, even though I didn't get lucky xD

I love both the ideas!

Hi there.

Wondertrade, oh this is wonderful. Looks quite well, I'll have to become quite acquainted with it.

Tpa looks good, it's already great seeing newer players teleporting around to their friends. 

Tweet Twooo Tweeeet Tawwooooo.

Thank you very much for this update!

Than you for this! I love both ideas. Tpa is really helpful and wonder trade is awesome. If only we did not have to wait 30 minutes... Anyway other than that The ideas are awesome!

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While I must say the basic Idea of wondertrade is nice, most people just seem to use it as a trash can for unwanted pokemon.

Added EVs, IVs and Hiddenpower check commands on hoenn.pixelmoncraft.com


Pixel Checker (3.1.4)

Command usage: /nat - Type this command and right click a pixelmon to see it's nature.

Command usage: /ability - Type this command and right click a pixelmon to see it's abilities.

it doesnt work in kanto, says i dont have premision

gamingmaster01, there are currently no permissions for /evs <1-6>, /ivs <1-6>, /nat nor /ability for Kanto yet. However, /wondertrade <1-6> is currently off for the time being for all servers.


-P.S: I meant to reply to your post :P

Well i actually miss a command for generating double battles between players. Like: /DoubleRequest <playername> or in short /dr <playername>

And maybe the command /remember <slot1-6> <MoveName>, if there is a special item (like the red mushroom with unbreaking 2 on, that u could buy at /pokemart for 75pc or something like that) in ur inventory this command relearns the move selected to the pokemon if this pokemon was able to learn it in a lower level. (and gives the item another enchantment to let it work only 1 time each item, and a sign to delete that item (becouse it is useless then)

im dead....


Double battles are not allowed in any form yet due technical issues regarding these battles. A move re-learner is a good idea, but not yet made.