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Pixelmon 3.2.9 is released! The Pixelmoncraft servers are updated to Pixelmon 3.2.9, once you have joined our pixelmon server you can type: /kanto, /johto, /hoenn, /planet or /safari to switch servers. In other news: The direct ip adreseses are working again! 

Or download ATLauncher and select version 3.0-3.2.9

Pixelmon 3.2.9 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.2.8 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.2.7 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.2.6 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.2.5 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.2.4 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.2.3 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.2.2 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.2 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.1.4 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.1.3 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.1.2 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.1.1 Changelog:

Pixelmon 3.1 Changelog:

first thing i do : running with diamond axe and chopping the new trees for kanto xD


But with the update, your houses and stuff get lost or do they get saved?

Hi there.

We will first start a new pixelmon server on a different ip adress and when we declare the new version to be stable enough we will update the main kanto, johto,safari and mine server.

The ip adress will be hoenn.pixelmoncraft.com

Pixelmon 3.1 release within 12 hours!

Wow much excite!

So... How much longer until the update???


It has been released.

So watching the video it said we should be worried about our TMs being deleted, and that we should consult our game admin. 


Has this been fixed for this server?

lemon, when i want 2 join the hoenn server it keeps saying: internal exception :io.netty.handler.timeout.readtimeoutexception.

also with je 2nd adress i cant login. how can i fix this?


I have the same Error like bestbartje .

I cant connect to the Server.

Am I the only one who if he (tries) to download pixelmon 3.1, it wont load? 

Hi there.

Download doesn´t work for me either.

L, do you know Gods of Death love apples?

yea i cant connect to either and im getting the same errors 

Same here

okay, luckely im not the only one :)



Back online.

Now not back online :/

~It is better to smile upon the negatives than to frown upon the positives~

Very cool, downloaded it. But the only problem is that if you want to switch from kanto to hoenn you need to close your minecraft and switch pixelmon

Hi there.

I have tried both ways of connecting but Im am still getting the internal exception :io.netty.handler.timeout.readtimeoutexception.message 


After I downloaded the mod pack on the ATLauncher instead of just updating my own I was able to connect just fine.


will the new server allways have zombies and stuff thats not really pixelmon? and will it allways have no item save on death??

When i use the normal minecraft launcher it says: Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException. 

I installed the ATLauncher and i can play pixelmon, but when i try to connect to Hoenn it still says Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException. 

I tried both IPS on both launchers.


Works perfect now, i used 1.7.2 3.1.0 instead of 1.7.2 3.1.1 so that's probably the problem that most people had. Great server and it already started out as a real community.

L, do you know Gods of Death love apples?

I'm getting the same error too.



/w me to see my place. Pokeball Lighthouse, Gym (looks like GBA gym) Secret Rooms, Train Station. Its for sale if you got enough PC !

You should atleast enable the /back so that when we die we can atleast have a chance of getting out stuff back that we took hours to get :/ . I get that its a "Hardcore server" but still most "hardcore servers" I have played on have had even that simple command on.It reduces the amounts of posts like these and the amount of rage quitting..

Personally, its survival minecraft, i dont mind having a /back. adds to the dangers. IF a game wasn't dangerous, it isn't fun :) 


Although if you had a map mod, most of them set a death point so you can run back to where you died. And there are map mods that come with the addon (if you use AT launcher they are automatically put in)


ALSO - When is ATLauncher going to be updated?

Hoenn got a new ip adress which is, for a lot of people the dns records from hoenn.pixelmoncraft.com are not updated yet so you would have to use the direct ip for now.

Other updates to #Hoenn:

  • mcMMO introduced.
  • Pokeheal permissions interlinked.
  • Warp permissions interlinked.
  • You can only get donator if you purchase extra months of donator.
    (This is due an technical issue, otherwise we would have linked donator).

how do you get on the  actul game?


Hi anyone will the 3.1 server allways have zombies and item loss on death?


Hoenn is going to be a survival server. So it will have mobs and hunger, and depending on how the argument plays out, item loss on death. But, when Kanto and Johto update, they'll keep their usual gameplay.

Very good server, since it will make swords useful since there will be mobs on there.

[Edit] Also food will be useful since your hunger will be affected in the Hoenn server :D

please update kanto i have pixelmon 3.2.1 on my computer but i dont have pixelmon 3.0.4 please update so i can play


Cant connect

Getting "Mod rejections [FMLmod:pixelmon{3.1.2}]


I updated to 3.1.2


Still not resolved. I've redownloaded many times and deleted etc...

What am I missing here? 

/w me to see my place. Pokeball Lighthouse, Gym (looks like GBA gym) Secret Rooms, Train Station. Its for sale if you got enough PC !

Somehow you are missing Pixelmon 3.1.2 :s

Very odd, because at launcher is doing the downloading...
I will try it manually, but thanks for clarifying it! :-)

/w me to see my place. Pokeball Lighthouse, Gym (looks like GBA gym) Secret Rooms, Train Station. Its for sale if you got enough PC !

Check the instances folders mod folder if it contains pixelmon 3.1.2, the moment you downloaded the file the atlauncher should move it over to the instances mod folder, perhaps that went wrong.

You could try to right click atlauncher and launch as administrator, i believe the issue is that the mod file did not got moved properly.

Kanto and Johto update tomorrow?

We are skipping version 3.1.3 or waiting for a hotfix because pixelmon in your pc are not visible on that version. 

Server is updated to Pixelmon 3.1.4!

Lemon, is all set backs on Hoenn fixed? Its safe to use them=!

Changed name from Philman1998

why arent either pokemon taking damage?

and by either i mean my own pokemon and the wild pokemon :)


After the update kanto and johto will be 3.1.2?

Tigger u cant figth in claims

Changed name from Philman1998

There are still internal problems in the console like battle errors and other issues, but other than that Pixelmon 3.1.4 is looking way more stable like 3.0.4. We will wait a few days more and see if more good updates are coming and then we will decide for an set update date.

Fixed pixelmon battles inside of claims.

I don't use technic packs, but i'm wondering why they are illegal can you explain to me?

I am having an issue trying to get on Hoenn.  I am using AT Launcher. 

When I go to log in I get a:

Connection Lost

Mod rejections [FMLMod:pixelmon{3.1.4}]

So, what am I doing wrong?  any ideas?  Thanks for the help in advance. 



Pixelmon 3.2 by now is released and we have a new testserver on planetpixelmon.com with Pixelmon 3.2 on there. We will update Hoenn soon to 3.2 as well, be prepared.

Pixelmon 3.2 Beta is open, when it comes out it'll be on the latest version of minecraft (1.7.10).

Are the old pixelmon servers going to update to Pixelmon 3.14 or wait for Pixelmon 3.2?

[Edit] srry, Lemonita's comment covered it ^^^

Should we update Hoenn to 3.2? Give me them comments.