Gym Upgrade

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Hi Guard_Of_King here,

I have thought of a improved way for gym battles.

Here are the ways:

  • Make times available for battle at front door (Example: 2-3GMT and 13-14GMT)
  • Make the gyms bigger for spectators on second floor and challenger and leader at first floor.
  • If u want to fight u need to go to the second floor and wait in the challenger row for your turn or make books and quills for them to write their name and throw in hopper.

So that are my suggestions, hope u will think about them :)

Similar systems are already in development to improve the gym system.

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When will that be?

Guard Of King

We cannot give times on the development of this plugin since it takes a bit more work than you might think the sight.
You'll notice it when we put the new plugin into the game.

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