Gyms are opened once again!

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To players new and old, the Pixelmoncraft staff team has some terrific news. Recently, for about three months now, gyms have been down. This combined with the introduction of other servers has made the Kanto server seem a bit lackluster. Well, Kanto has gained back what made it unique in the first place! Official Gyms run by Pixelmoncraft are now implemented on the server once again. That's right, the gyms are indeed reopened.

There are a couple things to note concerning these gyms, however. These official gyms are player run, not npc. This provides for more community interaction as well as increasing the difficulty. Don't be mistaken, these gyms aren't the same ones from the handheld games even if they have the same names. All gym leaders have a team of 6 pokemon, superior IVs, and particular pokemon are EV trained. These gym pokemon also have very powerful moves, so it's understandable if it takes you a couple tries before beating a gym you might get stuck on. Don't get discouraged though; just keep at it and know that all gyms are possible to beat.

After all your hard work in beating all 8 gyms, there is a reward. You might have noticed that some players have an alternate colored name. Certain colors signify different ranks among staff, but there are two colors for the trainers as well. The grey/black name is used for people who beat all 8 gyms in the past. If you have any old badges (prior to the 1st of November, 2014) and you beat all the gyms, you'll also receive that same grey/black-colored name. There's a special and rare, blue-colored name that you can only get by beating all the newly reopened gyms! This will definitely set you apart from the rest of the players, showing that you have the skill to beat this newer, harder gyms. If you have any badges from when the gyms were available before, but you want a chance to get this dark blue name, then you're going to need to get your badges reset. To do this, just message me, WesleyBlake, here on the forums to let me know and I'll get that sorted out for you as soon as possible.

I wish all of you the best of luck in this new system!


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Is it the same colour as the gym leader's name?


No its a darker blue then the gymleaders have

Hi there.

It's as DoggyHugger says, it's a darker blue than the aqua color that represent gym leaders.