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I've tested it and it runs fine with the Pixelmon mod on a serve. It's a link from their main page to the download. I know you have a questing system but why not make it feel more real by actually adding npc's.

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The smartphone/tablet/iPod touch thing is more for server reliability. Not that I've seen an issue hear probably since I think I saw someone mention two dedicated server or something so I'm assuming your having it hosted. I'd hope that would mean it's not your responsibility to monitor it. Thanks for the great server.

Could you please give the bukkit link, instead of a direct download? We will not consider anything unless we have the actual source of the link.

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Sry ok here's their page I guess. It's the one made for 1.6.4 don't click the link in the picture. Scroll down and use the red download box.

Or start from google it is not my mod nor my webpages. Google search "customnpc 1.6.4". It's the first link. Then scroll down to the red download header and click the download link in blue just next to customnpc. Then your at the new link I gave you. Refer to the first line.

That is not the same plugin. We already tested that one and it didn't work ;).

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This would actually be amazing if it could be added =]

screen recording off Pixelmon and customNPC on my test server. Also /plugins at the end that shows a few that I've tested already. Morph works as we'll. to labor intensive for my comp though.

adding more mods to the pixelmon is not recommend because people already got problems installing pixelmon mod
and it will lose players because the dont have the mod installed

Pixelmon is doing this for us in the next update, 

I like the idea, but it makes no sense for us to reinvent the wheel.

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