Love Story Competition

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Love Story Competition
With Valentines just around the corner, we'd like to see if you guys can make a lovely story.
Of course, it can be about love, or just friendship!

What to do:
Your task will be to create a lovely story. One that can involve love, or just friendships.

How to enter:
You will have to write a story in the comment section below. So every can enjoy your story, and so we can easily find it, and get the staff to judge.

Rules and guidelines:

  • Stories must be 1000 words or less
  • We will be juding based on creativity, grammar, spelling and how lovely your story is
  • You can use anyone in your story, but make sure it doesn't hurt anyone involved
  • Keep it appropriate, everyone can read this
  • You may submit only one story

Important dates:

  • Competition Start: Sunday 1st February (01/02/2015)
  • Competition End: Saturday 14th February (14/02/2015)
  • Winners Announced: Tuesday 17th February (17/02/2015)

First place: Legendary of Choice
Second place: 3 random shinies
Third place: 2 random shinies

Third place goes to..

Second place goes to..

First place.. And the winner of this competition..



My Haiku Of Epicness

This is love story

about love and other stuff

Woke up all a dream



There was once a boy in Pallet who loved a girl from a young day he asked her to date him.she answered no because he was a little trainer with a level 3 caterpie and she liked another boy that had a bunch off badges and a very strong charizard.the boy cried and devoted his life to pokemon training.a few years later he got on elite 4 and at the end there stood the guy with his mighty charizard.but he unleashed the power of his training: a super strong butterfree and against all odds, he lifted the champions badge,the girl ran to him and asked to marry him.he then replied: just like i saw my caterpie evolve,change and become strong,so did i.I am now married to a girl that loves me for what i am,not what i have.just like i believed in my pokemon so she believed in me and gives me strength.I dont feel like a champion today because of this badge,i feel it everyday because of her.i hope everyone one day find someone like her...

“Ninetales, Return! Better luck next time, young trainer.”

The distraught was clear across the young boys face. 

“But i thought my Ratata was young the top percentage of Ratata.”

“Maybe not kiddo. Keep trying and I’m sure you’ll get to battle with the top dog Ratata.”


I exited the gym and warped home. I cooked my usual steak on my furnace and left it on the table. I never felt hungry whilst in Kanto…

Ninetales crawled over to the table and ate my steak.

“Ninetales want to go for a walk?”
“Nine” (Ninetales is actually fluent in German but I don’t notice)

“C’mon them!”


We walked through the jungle and stopped at the usual pool of lava. I saddled Ninetales as apparently saddling a fire type pokemon makes you immune to heat, and we crawled over. Before i jumped in I heard a loud “BOO!” 


I fell of Ninetales, blocks before the lava. A girl stood behind me with a small Flareon next to her. “Hey! I’m Torterrita!”

She smiled perfectly and Flareon exclaimed in response.

“Would you like a battle?”

“Well Torterrita I do believe I’m quite strong, being a gym leader and all.”

“Don’t worry, were strong” 


The battle bean and ended sooner than I could blink.

“Well Ms Torterrita  you are strong, Maybe I might be able to win you over some spaghetti?”


One thing led to another, bada bing bada boom marriage.


And that's how babies are made.  


Happy Valentines day Pixelmoncraft   <3

Scene: A pained reader of a popular 'Ask Dianna' advice column is writing a letter asking for assistance with their situation in love
                "L in Pixelmoncraft is for Love"

Dear Dianna,
    Me and my best friend are really close friends, and I'd hate for anything to break us apart. We met in high school and we just hit off so much with each other that we couldn't help but be best friends. Me and her looked out for each other in our four years we had in that building. Let's just call my friend Kat, or sparkle. I won't say her real name just to save her identity.
    Anyway, after our college years we both were enrolled in the same college that was relatively close to our homes, and we could still be friends! Sounds great right? Well die to money issues back home and with myself I was forced to drop out of college during my second year. Me and her stayed in touch for the rest of her years. As life usually does, after college I was forced to move away to another Louisiana  for a huge job opportunity I couldn't pass up. 
    Me and Kat soon talked more and more as we developed into our new lives. Although I hadn't been able to talk to her a lot we still talked at least once a week, but it wasn't too long due to me having such long shifts at the office. My online social life was very weird, because I didn't have much of a media social life. Though, I did manage to snag up a boyfriend through Facebook. We can call my boyfriend Andrew. Though there was one downside with this mysterious boyfriend of mine, and that is the fact that he sadly lives a few states over. He never ells me exactly what state he lives in, but I never minded to ask because it never seemed very important to me. Although I have never been to his house or known where he lives, he travels to my place every other week and we simply enjoy each other. Yes there are the sexual actives, but I won't put that part of my information out there. 
    So we were together and Andrew was purely amazing. After about 6 months being together, Andrew started to be very distant from me. I was very hesitant about what was going on with him, and honestly I was just really worried. His messages to me became rare-and-rarer until, for what felt like a month ,I heard nothing. In the mail later that week I found a wedding invitation from my old best friend Kat to her wedding, and it was this week, I couldn't decide if I wanted to go. Though, he was only silent for about a week until he told me that he was alright and just busy with a few things resulting in him coming home late and passing out upon coming home. I was thrilled that he was safe and everything was okay and I just wanted to go see him now! I didn't want him to come to me, I thought that we were close enough that I could actually come to his place for once. Though, he had other plans in mind. In return I had to lie to Kat and tell her that I had health issues where I'd be stuck in the house all this weekend.
    That night our conversation was a long and deep one in it he told me that I would not be able to come to him this weekend due to him going to a wedding on that exact same day. I was confused about the sudden marriage, he never mentioned to me about any of his friends getting married then again he never mentioned many of his friends either.  So I told him okay, and nothing after that happened since he was stating how he was tired and ready for bed. So I'd be without him for maybe another week, because this week was my only free day until I'd be doing really late overtime for the next week for some spare week. I decided that I could make the trip back to my best friend's wedding, and maybe have some time to catch back up with her. 
    So I'm at wedding, and I haven't talked to her in so long that I didn't even know she had a fiancee or even a boyfriend for that matter so I was VERY eager to meet her husband. His face was hidden behind the crowd of photographers and the grooms men. I decided to scoot up to the front seats to get a better look at my best friend and her new husband. Once I saw him my heart sank, it was my boyfriend... getting married my best friend. In a tear filled frenzy I fled from the church and I left heading straight on my 12 hour long drive back home. That was 1 week ago, and I do not know what to say to my bestfriend. She's tried to contact me and ask me why I didn't know what to say besides I had issues back home I had to deal with. I am at a lost for words to her. First off the fact that I was unknowingly dating her husband for half a year through their relationship, and the fact that I never told her that I was gay. 

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The Crash

By MCPhoenix97


            I knew her. I knew her so well. To her, I was her older brother. The one that cared for her when she needed it the most. The one who stood there by her side when she was bullied. The one who loved her. But I never had the courage to ask her out. I thought she would laugh and walk away. I thought it would ruin our friendship.

            She invited me and two of my other friends, Dominick and Justin, to the beach. The only sunny day in Washington. Of course I said yes, and the other two fallowed.

            “Three days” I muttered to Dominick, my only friend who knew I had a crush on her.

            “Don’t worry, three days isn’t long. Besides you can tell Lauren everything, I’m sure that she will say yes…”

            “But what if she says no, then what…”

            “Don’t worry, you’ll stay friends.”

            I feel Lauren grab my arm. “Hay, so you ready for the beach?” she asks.

            “Of course” Dominick and I say together in sync.

            She giggled. She was always happy with the 3 of us.

            “Well my brother is picking me up soon, where will we meet on Saturday?”

            “Umm, Dominick, you choose.”

            “How about Cutters Point, we can stop by and get ourselves some coffee before we go.”

            Lauren and I both chime, “Sounds good”.

            Friday. It was a holiday, no school. It was great because I failed to ask her out. I didn’t want to ask her online, it would take the meaning away, and I didn’t want to skype her either. I didn’t know what to do. For the next half an hour, I decided to update Justin the plans, but it turned out that he had a family emergency and couldn’t go. I told both Lauren and Dominick about what happened. They both where sad. Lauren almost called the trip off, she said that it wouldn’t be the same without him.

            Justin joined the group, apparently I accidently messaged him also, and I was glad I did, he still wanted us to still have the plan ruined because of his absence.

            “CHRIS, DINNER”, I heard my mom call, she wanted me to get off to go eat, no excuses.

            After dinner, I got on, Lauren and Dominick where still talking. While I was gone, Dominick was scolded by his parents for having a C- in History. He was notorious for having missing assignments from time to time, and this was one of the times.

            We chatted for a few hours before Lauren left, me and Dominick still talked though. He said to me “I will not be going, I want you two to have alone time with each other. Hopefully you two will be in a relationship by the time you come back.”

            “I hope so, if I can build up the courage.” I say back to him.

            After an hour, I hung up, I had a big day coming up so I wanted to get to bed as soon as I can.

            The next morning, I walked to Cutters Point by myself to meet Lauren. She told me that she knew that Dominick wasn’t coming and why.

            After getting our coffees, we hit the road making small talk along the way. About 45 minutes later, the accident happened, by a drunk college student coming home from an overnight party. She was hit the worst, after looking at the x-rays, she had a broken arm, several fractured ribs and to make things worse, she fell in a coma.

            Every day, I would go up to the hospital she was at, room 304 to sit with her, giving her flowers every day I came. It was tragic watching her, hoping she would wake up.

            On the fifth day of visiting, I started to cry. I started to say, “why did this happen? Why to her?”

            I was depressed. Days passed into weeks, and weeks passed into months. And I never missed a day visiting her.

            On the 72th day visiting her, I sat down next to her, like every other day and started to say my usual, but I told her “I love you.”

            I was surprised when she lightly grabbed my hand and held it.

            The first words she said when she woke up was, “I love you too”.

            At that moment the nurse taking care of her walked in saying “Oh my god” and then walked out yelling “Lauren Rose woke up”

            It took her three weeks of physical therapy to finally to build her muscles back to normal.

            Three days later, we both went back to school and the publicity we got was off the charts. Everyone heard her story on national news and we became the couple who survived death. We went to more events and even became Prom King and Queen, we were that popular of a couple.

            We took the college student to court sewing him for all the hospital fees and we won. He was also arrested on charge of DUI, Hit and Run and other felonies. He was also expelled from his college he attended and we were both given full ride scholarships to that same university a year later.

            Things were looking good for us and I was glad that we were finally together. 

The competition will be ending in about 4.30 hours.

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There was a blind girl who used to hate everyone . . . except her Boyfriend........ She always used to say that I ' ll marry you if I could see!!

Suddenly one day some one donated his eyes.......and then when she saw her Boyfriend......she was astonished to see that her Boyfriend was also blind........

Her boyfriend then asked ... "Darling! Will You Marry Me Now?"

She thought for a while and said, Sorry!!! But, I can’t.....

Her Boyfriend went away saying....











GOD bless you dear!


Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

Wtf ^

In a time like valentines, it can be pretty heavy on a heart craving affection.  This story is for those who have been there.  Let's take a walk into my past.

gurl was walkin2 skewl wit her bf n they were crossin da rode.

she sed "bbz will u luv me 4evr"

he said "NO.."
da gurl cryed N ran across da rode b4 da green man came on the sine.

boy was cryin and went to pic up her body.

she was ded. 

he whispered 2 her corpse "I ment 2 sey i will luv u FIVE-ever..." (dat mean he luv her moar den 4evr)

xxx~*...LIKE DIS IF U CRY EVRY TIME...~*xxx

(Please don't actually consider this :P just having a spot of fun) 

And the winners are posted!
You can read every story in the comments :)

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