Name Changes

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The Kanto server is back online
we are working hard on it to fix this issue 

But beware that 
If you change your username right now

You will lose quite a few things

  • Money
  • Homes
  • Warps
  • Badges
  • Website account
  • Pixelmon Auction

We are trying to resolve all these problem but remember this wil take some time

Is there a way to edit your username? Or is only high staff able to do that?

Hi there.

"If you change your username right now" will it be any different later?

"We will have everything fixed within 30 days" -henkoe

We will strive for 30days

Any able to fix my donor rank on hoenn? that would be great. all I need is a donor rank sync and I should be good.

Username: Tach

You need to wait until they have everything steady. Once they have everything set, or if they are free then ask them but for now they need to work on getting the main server back up.

I feel it Serjing through my veins

Do you not lose your pokemon?


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What you can do to solve the money issue at the moment is, before you change your username you find someone you trust or a moderator and ask if he or she can hold your coins for a moment while you rename your account. Then the money can be transferred to the new account by the one that holds it, this may help the people that want to rename their account.

We are busy updating all the plugins to support a conversion to UUID which allows renaming of accounts and having the data automatically recognized on a renamed account. This has already been done with pokemon files and grief prevention but not yet with the above listed plugins.

Wait Lemon so now if you change your name your claims won't be messed up?

"Woohoo I'm a bug reporter!" Maddiesprint:  26/02/2015: #Overexaggerate

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9 days left until i can change my name, any progress on that front :D?

I see this is some what of an old thread, but I am an older player coming back into pixelmoncraft and was just curious to know if this issue has been completely resolved yet, regarding username changes and the above plugins :) can't wait to get playing

You will still lose homes, money and badges.

(Welcome back :p)

Hi there.

And warps? Or was that fixed?


"Woohoo I'm a bug reporter!" Maddiesprint:  26/02/2015: #Overexaggerate

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Sorry, I wasn't clear, everything what's above will still be deleted.

Hi there.

Hey, I've lost all my warps and stuff so I'm guessing this is still a problem... Will I be able to switch back to my old name and get my warps back?

Has any of the things been fixed yet? 

Pretty sure this won't ever be fixed... or at least not for a good 5-6 months.

Development team is busy struggling with 1.8 afaik.

WHat if i already changed my name what do i do


Just make a support topic with the new and old username. We'll be able to fix your money and private warps. 

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

Read this people >_>

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I changed my name from GodOfPoop7689 to Mr_Crispy_BOYZZ and i kept my stuff and pokemon and money. I then changed the name back cuz i like my name :)

TL;DR Expiration on claims and is the name change issue solved?

now, i know this is a SUPER old thread, but has this now been resolved? i've seen someone above say they've done it, just want confirmation the issue has been resolved. also, what is the greifprevention claim expiration time in days? because i had not logged in a few months, someone has claimed my house with all my chests in it on legacy. just curious to know the expiration.

Legacy servers have been shut down as of Sunday. Name change issues have been resolved. There is no expiration on claims, however, if you have been inactive for 100+ days, staff members can remove your claim if others ask for it.