Valentinescard Competition

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Valentinescard Competition
With Valetines coming up, we'd like to see all of you guys' sweet and lovely side, but also the competitive side.


What to do:
Your task will be to create a scenery on one of our servers, lovely enough that it can become a Valentines card, for those people you hold dear.
Any kind of build goes, but keep in mind this is Valentines, and not Halloween!

How to enter:
You will have to build on your own claim in one of the non-creative servers, and when done, you can just ask for a Staffmember to take a screenshot for you, which will then be sent to the judges. 

Rules and guidelines:

  • The build must be on your claim, to call it yours. The Staffmember screenshotting it will take two screenshots, one with the owner of the claim, and one without a UI
  • You can only make one scenery, even if you send in two, we will take the one that was delivered first
  • Any kind of build goes, aslong as it relates to love, this can be any kind of love, not just loveydovey stuff
  • Nothing innappropriate, we still stick to our own server rules
  • The build can be done on any server, except creative

Important dates:

  • Competition Start: Sunday 8th February (08/02/2015)
  • Competition End: Sunday 22nd February (22/02/2015)
  • Results: Friday 27th February (27/02/2015)

The top three will get a message on the forums, asking for what kind of message they would like on the Valentines card they made themselves.

  • First place: Legendary of Choice / Pokemon of Choice
  • Second place: 3 Random Shinies
  • Third place: 2 Random Shinies

Third place

Second place
First place, and winner

Note: Using imgur links to make sure the pictures can be seen


Hitmonchan has my screen shots

This competition is ending tomorrow!

Do you have any questions?
You're always welcome to message me.

Oh god I'm gonna see if I can make something up, although it won't win 

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When will see results I'm looking forward to seeing them all!! I hope there Pokemon related!!

King of the slowbros!!

if anyone wants to see my build the warp is luvdisc :)

Was that your build? It looked really nice, ;)

All excellent, congrats winners.

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Il Take 2nd :-) good comp guys!!!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

Will we do this in 2016 and so forth?

Bow Down to all My Glory!