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In the pixlemon server it is nearly impossible to find diamonds. i am purely requesting a way to get diamonds other than just mining
 e.g. trade 4 stacks of wood for 1 diamond

If you can't find diamonds you can always try to buy them from another player that is online. Just ask in chat, don't be shy :)

It's actually quite easy to find diamonds. Just mine at layer 5-12 where you can find the most diamonds. Maybe you're digging in an area that has already been visited by other players. Just try your luck somewhere else in the world.

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Strip mine at level 11 :D and try to get fortune 3 pickaxe.

Go and slay those Dratinis and Dragonairs (Evilsmile)

No, seriously, they drop dia, and I hate those pokemon. They look awful :3


ehhhh, you can find dia easyer..

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Search them i know you can do it

Yolo redmonnasson here

Diamonds don't just disappear, you know. It's simple enough to trade for diamonds with other players.

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Stop going through caves, they will already be explored. Go down to about layer 12 and start mining. Pick a method of mining first, like Phoenix Mining, Branch Mining, or my favorite Spiral Mining. Or  you can just mine randomly and hope you find something, but yes there is PLENTY of untouched ore still.

Agree with everyone else, mining diamonds isn't that hard if you use the correct way.


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