Pixel Cup 19/4

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Pixelmoncrafters, it's time to show us all what you're really made of!

Pixel Cup!

The Pixel Cup is an official, server-endorsed tournament. There is no fee or requirement to join. All you need to do is sign up, show up and give it your very best. Thanks to @Hiroku_01 at Pixelmonmod who created the Tournaments mod.

To start with, this tournament will follow a standard level 100, 6v6 format with no special rules. In the future, we may spice things up with rule variations, but for now, anything goes as long as it stays within the general all-purpose rules stated below.


When and Where


The original plan was to run this tournament live, on the server, with commentary and spectators. Due to a number of circumstances this just did not work out. Instead, battles will be done in your own time, using a bracket found here:


Report back with your results. I will double-check them if necessary. I will expect this first and biggest bracket to be done by Thursday 23rd.



Since the scope of the tournament can vary greatly depending on the amount of participants, the number of prizes available will be decided by the amount of brackets you'll have to go through to win. As a rule, if you win two battles, you will receive a prize even if you don't make it further.

1st Place: 15000 pokecoins, 1500 pokepoints, Pixel Cup Hall of Fame

2nd Place: 10000 pokecoins, 1000 pokepoints

3rd-4th Place: 5000 pokecoins, 500 pokepoints

5th-8th Place: 2500 pokecoins



Official tournaments will follow the same basic rules as gym battles. This means that the following moves are currently not allowed and will result in disqualification:

Attract, Focus Punch, Wide Guard, Quick Guard, Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, Sheer Cold, Double Team, Minimize, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Toxic Spikes

Additional limitations:

  • No items can be used through the Item menu in battle. Held items on pokemon are allowed.
  • Sleep clause is in effect. If you put an opponent's pokemon to sleep, you cannot put another one to sleep until the previous one wakes up or faints.
  • Species clause is in effect. No two pokemon on your team can share a pokedex number. A Gengar and a Haunter is allowed, but two Gengars is not.
  • The following legendaries are not allowed in the tournament: Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Mewtwo, Lugia

Shamelessly copied and reworked from Wesley's gym rules.


Signing Up

Leave a post in this topic to join the tournament!

I will need 8, 16 or 32 players. Once again, the amount of prizes available will depend on how many brackets there are, so if the tournament grows big enough, getting to the semi-finals or even quarter-finals may net you something. Getting a spot in the tournament will for now be first come first served, but this may be subject to change depending on the interest level.


The Roster

Participants who have posted to join the tournament are listed here. If you change your mind or won't be available, post again so I can give your spot to somebody else. Bolded names currently have a guaranteed spot in the tournament, if you're lower on the list you might still get in if a spot opens up or if enough people sign up to create another bracket.

  1. Nils800
  2. PixelBoyz
  3. xXchris789Xx
  4. Mac_John01
  5. Riccardo987
  6. NaughtyGoblin
  7. NatalieDormer
  8. antdont
  9. charliewhile
  10. lil_mr_derick
  11. AngeloPlaysMC
  12. jayopher111
  13. Popzoid1
  14. Gosu_Sensei
  15. societyofmonster
  16. ItsJustChris
  17. MartinoKing
  18. Soulax
  19. H0rned_fr0gs
  20. NatusDraco
  21. J_MASTA
  22. Behubb
  23. LazyDreamz
  24. maccajr3
  25. Rexxy_
  26. falling_turtle
  27. RazLe
  28. wizzardmon98
  29. mewawesome
  30. micke650
  31. AshleyRubia
  32. Philman1998

We've reached 32 players! That's gonna be one big tournament. Once again, changes have been made so battles can take place at any time - check the brackets and find your opponent on the server! Report back with your results.

I may join this tournament if I get my team ready in time, if it is possible a reserved space? If not, then sorry for making this post, I am going to learn all about competitive Pokémon battling. Where will this tournament be held? Are you going to make a battle building? If you need help with anything tell me.

Oh yeah, and reading Oli's post, this does sound great and I hope it goes very well!

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Hello, do you don't want to be in the pixelcup anymore? if that's true, please let me have your spot!

To do so, please tell Choray, thank you!


blue-eyed Dragonite... here to help you. Feel free to message me if you need help~

It doesn't matter what is fixed on whatever update. On the update that we're currently on, those moves are broken and don't function correctly. Also we won't be able to update  the server to a newer version for a long time since all versions after the one we're currently on work off of minecraft 1.8.

Count me in

Hi there.

Looks Great! Let me join! :)


Count me in this tournament! 

hello can u please add a varient timezone  tournament for players from other timezones

thakn u

I m peacekeeper

I'd love to join!

Nvm I can probably join

Count me in o3o!

im down

My electric mono and I shall make an appearance. :)



I was never guaranteed, you can either take me out the tourney, or make my name not bold, because I probably won't be ready in time, but I still might be.

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Since it's currently first come first served, you have a reserved spot in the tournament. If for whatever reason you give up or lose that spot, I'll give it to the next person in line.

I will give up then, I need to learn more about competitive battling anyway. Sorry bout that!

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This sounds interssting, i might join ;P.

Visit?, Come to /warp Phq on Johto


hi, i am new to the server and would love to join this tournament.

But if is at 8:00pm uk time i cant because my parents would never let me on the computer that late. im a ten year old.

i understand if you cant do this but i would be very happy if you could move the time to earlier in the day, i can not guarantee that i will be availible on this day or that ill have a full team but i probably will.

i will edit this if i know i can take part.But if that is 8pm uk time i definitely cant. :(

My profile says I'm in Ireland?!!! I'm in Norwich, England, NOT IRELAND

I think if its earlier, its night in America

Hi there.

Oh ok, that's annoying, if it is night in America if it's earlier don't worry.


Sorry can't compete if it's at 8pm UK time


My profile says I'm in Ireland?!!! I'm in Norwich, England, NOT IRELAND

I can join pls 

Thanks for taking me out Choray. (:

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This might be a lot to ask, but because of the time zones, all tournaments that aren't at night for Americans will be to late for me to ever take part in.I'm not saying for this event, but maybe once it would be nice if we could have an event that would be slightly earlier in the day for europe , then have another tournament for America and possibly another one for other countries or continents that we have lots of players in? I know this is a lot to ask so I understand if it can't be done. :)


My profile says I'm in Ireland?!!! I'm in Norwich, England, NOT IRELAND

Sign me up


Count me in :)

Ahh yeah nice! Ill participate!

Ya done know   1000+ Days here 

I'm sorry that I've been asking a lot of stuff, but I really want to join this tournament and there's one way I might be able to, as I can't compete at 8:00pm UK time I could join if there's someone else who doesn't mind having there first battle earlier in the day. It's incredibly unlikely that I'll make it past the second round and I probably won't make it through the first round so this will cause no problems later in the tournament. If this can't happen it's fine, but if you don't mind having your first battle earlier and its not a problem for anyone else, comment again or pm me or something.


My profile says I'm in Ireland?!!! I'm in Norwich, England, NOT IRELAND

The tournament will stay at it's current time. Future tournaments may be hosted at different times, although we have no details planned yet.

Need help? Go to: 

Visit us on our teamspeak server: ts.pixelmoncraft.com

thats fine,


My profile says I'm in Ireland?!!! I'm in Norwich, England, NOT IRELAND

Charmander, Join the tournament, show us your pro pokemon skills ;)

I will participate.

can you put me in too!! <3 love you


I am in!!!!

id like to sign up for this shing ding!


come challenge me at warp AquaGym!!!!

Im all in Lets do this kidz^^

I hope i have the time but i guess i have


If a new bracket opens I'd be happy to join

What time is this for me? Eastern time USA.

this is 8pm uk time right? just making sure.

My profile says I'm in Ireland?!!! I'm in Norwich, England, NOT IRELAND

Gmt = 0+ 0+ = England

England = GMT +2

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Sign me up!

Screw it, I'm in. I got peer pressured.

Ill join.


EDIT : Checked the time. Won't be joining 

I am in

"When life gives you lemons, check if one of them is Lemonita.

If it is, you have just successfully kidnapped Lemonita!" ~AzureSkyheart

Id be happy to join





I'll join.

Yo, im in i want to do this sign me up.