MineCon 2015 - The Pictures

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What a weekend - So many good people so many new players and so much fun.

The pictures of all the highs of this years MineCon whilst myself, Lemonita, Micke650, Henkoe and WhiteSheep promoted and represented the server in a very positive way.

Wristband and Cards Ready!!!

Kitted Out and Ready to Roll

The Gym Leaders on the Prowl

Meeting the Team (Henkoe, Micke, Sheep, Macca, Lemon)

The Reuben Pig Piggy Back

Macca Got YouTube Famous Briefly

The Trolling StartS!!!

More Trolling

White Sheep Small World Ride MEoooow

Even the trains got taste


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Looks good guys, lets hope the stickers do their job ;)

Hi there.

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Macca = Easy Target

Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

It was a great time. Sad that I didn't see any of you.

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