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Hi guys, so I thought it'd be a nice idea to have a quiz for everyone to participate in.
There will be ingame prizes for those doing particularly well. We have preliminary prizes with hopefully more to come.

So the quiz consists of 45 questions (With 2 bonus round questions) which are all about the Gymleaders and Staff members of the PixelmonCraft servers.
Since the quiz is about them regular players will automatically be given one point since I'm hoping most of the people in the quiz will get the question about themselves correct! 

To submit your answers, send them to NutellaAndBacon as a private message on the forums before the 24/07/2015, or the 07/24/2015 for any of you who use dates like that (I think that's how it's done).

So far the Prizes stand at:

  1. 32,000pc
  2. 16,000pc
  3. 8000pc
  4. 4000pc
  5. 2000pc
  6. 1000pc
  7. 500pc
  8. 250pc

We are hoping to add to these :)


Staff and Gymleader Quiz


  1. What is iQuantumCraft’s favourite Disney film?
  2. Iceblock80085 nearly died playing what playground/ play yard game?
  3. Maccajr3 has two cats named after characters from what Pixar film?
  4. Can lil_mr_derick ride a bike?
  5. Jalapinecone describes himself as?
    1. The Spicy Canadian
    2. The Peppery Canadian
    3. The Fiery Canadian
    4. The Chilli Canadian
    5. The Red Hot Canadian
  6. Micke650 is a fan of what top flight English football team?
  7. DeOne_And_Only has an allergy to what common household pet?
  8. It is rumored that Rexxy_ does a cracking impression of which muppets character?
  9. Mattian_Master used to have a house in which Pokémon type named town (on the server)? (i.e FireTown or WaterTown etc.)
  10. Who is NutellaAndBacon’s favourite Movie director?
  11. Dontstopmenow87 has a large collection of?
    1. Stamps
    2. Pokémon Cards          
    3. Vinyls
    4. Cameras
    5. Butterflies
  12. SPQR_ hates country music, true or false?
  13. Does Behubb like painting and drawing?
  14. Who is MarvelGemini’s favourite comic book character?
  15. BZRK_Spartan’s favourite video game is Prototype 2, true or false?
  16. Does Codespaz like pizza?
  17. Yutolio is a Yaoi artist, true or false?
  18. What Pokémon does Kaysee have as his teamspeak avatar?
  19. Elektross is named after a character from what film franchise? (His real name – not Elektross)
  20. Who was superjurgen’s first friend on the server? (Hint, they’re now a moderator)
  21. xMewtwox has?
    1. 2 Cats
    2. 2 Dogs
    3. 2 Cats & 2 Dogs
  22. What make of car do El_Mastre’s parents drive?


  1. _Aerial_ has been many ranks, as we all know, but what was the highest rank he reached?
  2. Affluence is friends with which famous scientist?
  3. What is GDMexperienceit’s favourite Pokémon?
  4. If you were to take Cupcakey on a date, what, in her opinion, would be the best date to take her on?
    1. Meal at an Italian Restaurant and a Movie?
    2. Trip to a zoo/ aquarium
    3. Go see come live music (Doesn’t really matter who)
    4. Go hiking and have smores
    5. Go the theater to watch a show
  5. Megamorbius loves to work in the garden, true or false?
  6. MazMaz is quite tall, but how tall is he? (Feet and inches or centimeters)
  7. What Island in the Caribbean Sea is xxnightwadexx from?
  8. Olinite plays 2 musical instruments, Cello and what other?
  9. GENDamian is studying a major in what subject?


  1. What is BraveLittleKiwi’s favourite colour?
  2. Which Pixar character was lil_miss_sparkle’s childhood hero?
  3. CakeNSteak had brain surgery in which grade?
  4. Pokeking has a Blog on Blogger about?
    1. Baking Recipes
    2. Music
    3. Anime
    4. Festivals
    5. TV Shows
  5. NaughtyGoblin sings in what vocal range?
  6. What colour eyes does 92aht have?
  7. ItsJustWesley practises 2 martial arts, true or false?
  8. Sethlopod has met which famous family?

Community Manager

  1. Charmander is allergic to dogs. Despite that he has a dog, what type of dog does he have?

Gym Manager

  1. Smushi’s Favourite Films are the Star Wars Films, true or false?

Staff Manager

  1. What hot drink is Choray known for drinking?

Server Overlord and Saviour 

  1. What is Henkoe’s Favourite Game?


  1. Can Lemonita drive a manual car?

King of the Forums

  1. What brand of beer is White Sheep's favourite?

(So while these last two aren’t still staff members I will still ask question for them since I have a question and an answer for each of them. The answers given for each of these will only be considered if there is a tie for the lead amount of points.)

Them Two

  1. WesleyBlake: Has broken his Elbow , knee, shin or all three?
  2. During her time at secondary/ high school Mariia_Chan was a member of what school sports team?
    1. Hockey
    2. Running
    3. Show Jumping
    4. Football
    5. Tag Rugby

Since there was a lot of typing and copying if you see any errors please tell me (I'm only human) and I will correct it as soon as possible. If it affects a question too drastically I will add the question in again later or substitute it for another.

Thanks again for taking the time to look over all of this, hope you all enjoyed it! :)

Love this.

Awesome! Good Luck everyone!

This is really good. :)

Can you make a question about me? I used to be a gym leader. :3

I'll donate 5k.

Hi there.

Il donate 5k too this is a quality quiz man well done!!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

Only 5 days or so guys till the deadline!
Make sure to send me your answers via a private message over the forums :)




Deadline is tomorrow! Submit your answers by tomorrow if you want to be in with a chance of winning.
Right now Smushi is winning with 25 correct, surely someone can beat him?!