Pixelmoncraft Soundtrack

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An idea that's been spinning around in my head for basically forever.

This will for all intents and purposes be official Pixelmoncraft music. To start with, I love battle music. So here is the very first bit of Pixelmoncraft OST. It's not your standard Pokemon battle theme, but that's the fun part!


This one goes out to our grass gym leaders. And no, Smush, I say grass can be hardcore. <3

Thorns And Thistles




love this, cant wait to hear more!!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

This is amazing! I agree that Pixelmoncraft should have music. Also, Grass will always be hardcore. :)

If you ever see me on a server (not just PixelmonCraft servers), feel free to talk to me! :D

Top notch! I still have the link the the initial bit you did for the Electric Gym ;)



This is great!

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

Glad you guys like it. :)


Next up, some much needed favoritism for the best type. Or at least a first draft.

High Toxicity Warning