Birthday Spreadsheet 2.0

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Birthday Spreadsheet 2.0!

There used to be a really useful thread on our forums where you were able to see when everyone's birthday is and as it disappeared, I want to bring this back!

What you got to do: Just comment letting me know when your birthday is and I'll add you to the list :)

I hope it'll be helpful and to get as many replies as possible, please spread this :)


Birthday List

lil_mr_derick 1st
lil_miss_sparkle 1st
PokeFiet 5th
IAmABlock 9th
BraveLittleKiwi 23rd
Mewsley 26th
Olli3Jones 28th
RazerIceman 30th
Yutolio 2nd
LegendOfMetroid 3rd
Nils800 7th
mccallam 10th
FrostRhymes 27th
NutellaAndBacon  4th
GMEpicMCraft 4th
Elnoyle_ 22nd
TheNightRaven00 22nd
SnorHax 23rd
SuperK678 1st
Zappergod 3rd
Wickedwicca 7th
ButteryBase 9th
Mathewology  15th
Affluence  22nd
Olinite 24th
Celtic_Kitty 15th
MooseTho 19th
zzachzx 23rd
Tinman123 6th
superjurgen 17th
TiggerRah 19th
ChesKnight 21st
Shadow44644 28th
Charmander 30th
HaxLordLux 13th
Megamorbius 19th
YokoRiitano 20th
maccajr3 21st
rexxy_ 21st
Mattian_Master 3rd
JunJouRomantica 11th
ItsNyk 18th
MGDUDE3462 29th
Dispel 30th
cynergyou 31st
DarkGreetingsNL 6th
503michael 7th
AcidPhantom 14th
EmbryonicBryan 16th
spiritdog1 18th
Declinex 18th
NaughtyGoblin 18th
HoCkEyCrAzEe087 20th
GENDamian 24th
​Choray 26th
DeathSkeleton 26th
ItsJustWesley 27th
Sontos 12th
Anaartohnan 14th
NStarMC 15th
antdont 25th
dontstopmenow87 28th
Roronoa_Ruku 9th
At1anta 14th
Tach 16th
Hero_Azure 24th
El_Mastre 11th

Note: I may have made mistakes with the editing part. If you find any mistakes, please let me know.

My birthday is in June

I need an exact date.

blue-eyed Dragonite... here to help you. Feel free to message me if you need help~

29th April here :p

24th October is mine :D

Ya done know   1000+ Days here 

April 27th is mine :)

august 27

september 5

December 4th


april 21st



mine is the 8th of January :3


25 march

Team FedEx Leader

11th March Over here :)

June first for me 

March 3th i will be 18 :) its 21 days fron now XD