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Hey guys, Marty here from Team PokéMaster.
I'm willing to start a short Youtube series in Kanto, and I'll need your help for cast, more ideas and places. My YT channel is Marty64, and I wish to make our dear server more popular by making that series. Here's a screenshot of my town, which you can visit with /warp pokemaster at any time. It's the main place for my project.
Remember, anyone can participate, so show me your ideas here!

See you in game!



i'm in but how will the serie go

also my youtube is pudding crafter if you want to check out first

Stay Super :)

Sounds nice. What kind of series are you planning to make?

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Count me in. I won't be there full time because of school, but I will be there when I can. Nice channel though. About to hit 100 subs. Nice!

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

I'd like to join whenever I'm able to :p Sounds like fun!

Send me a message if you need my help - I will do my best to help you with your problem :)

make it a reality show series :p

Stay Super :)

I'm down for a YouTube series!



I'd love to be a cast member, my youtube's Aarid In Dewanderland

Maybe you could do a story mode game where you travel through aiming to be pixelmon master and we give you quests and stuff along the way

May you tell me what kind of series it will be? When will you upload latest video you recorded? 

Btw: My Youtube user is MGDUDE3462

I don't have videos yet, but I plan on receiving correct equipment next year or Christmas. 

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm


any thing you need just ask im sure all staff will help and if it becomes popular you will be rewarded!!

Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

I'll join sounds like fun i'll try help anyway i can

Ahem wow its been a while, I wonder what happened during all this time. Anyways, things have changed. The town you guys see remains the same on our server, but it has been transported via chunk saving to a tiny server to allow me and friends to finish the town the way I wished it to become, along with creative mode and World edit.

This brings me to decide a new thing: since the town is in another server, it can't be used for a promote to Pixelmoncraft, since the mod isn't in it.
However, I think we can still make it from the ground up.
We can have the series going around a new player who discovers the mod and the server, and decides to give it a try he/she will never forget.
So yeah, in a couple days after exams I might be available again for this sort of stuff.

Sorry again to have forgotten this thread, I'm ashamed.