Pokemon Overall Sheet [W.I.P.]

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Hey guys! I've been really sick lately and with school and stuff, my schedule is really full, but hey that doesn't mean I can still do what I love the most!

Anyway what this is, is basically a sheet of battlers who play on Pixelmon. Well, hate to break it to most of you, you can really only be added by being active on the Teamspeak server and Pixelmon server. This will have to be recorded on Showdown because of Pixelmon glitch reasons, and they don't really show your true battling skills [No Offense to the People Who Do This]

There will be a spreadsheet link below to help you between your overalls and maybe even the person you battle one day, this will help you know yourself about how they battle.


How Do You Know Our Battling Skills Then? : I don't know most of your battling skills most of it comes within, but on www.PokemonShowdown.com is where I will see yours.Basically you will get to battle 6 times 3 battling in Random Battles and 3 in any tiers that you want so I can see your teambuilding level. 

You're Going To Make Your Overall the Best : Nope I will not, I'm going to do the same thing as all of the other people trying to get their overall. I will not make myself the best battler cause trust me I maybe good but I ain't the best, nobody can be the best everyone has different things they're better at.

When Will This Take Place? : Anytime you want to be looked at is fine as long as I'm not busy and on Pixelmoncraft or Teamspeak.

Good Luck People! 

NOTE: Overalls can change anytime, battles must be retaken every month to see if you got better or worst it all depends how you fight and think out.