indigo league conference

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hey guys

today i'm here to ask you guys for help

i'm going to build the indigo league conference from the pokemon anime on the kanto server

(if you guys don't know what it is

for this project i want to have some people who can help me

we will start off with the main arena and than make the 4 extra arena's and more

this will be used for tournaments and more

if you want to join this project than let me know here

(please be a person who is online a lot, you don't have to be super good builder)

anyway, thank you guys








current work to be done:

finishing the main arena

needed material:

hard clayblocks


I would love to help u build the indigo league by making the arenas. Tell me on pixelmon is u would like me to help or not because im a good builder.



I am not a finnesse builder but I can build good stuff. I built the tyrunt memorial at dhq and I built some parts of Gamma HQ (warp hub).

I would like to help out. :)

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

I built quite a few spawns in my time of playing Minecraft, sadly I don't have screenshots but I can prove my building styles and skills to you if needed i will be happy to be apart of the build


edited the post :)

Stay Super :)